Monday, June 30, 2008

Fake Bread

Carter- "Mom, can I have some of that fake bread?"

Me- "Fake bread? What?"

Carter- "Yeah, just not toast."

Me- "Do you mean you just want a plain piece of bread?"

Carter- "Yeah, with sugar."

Didn't you all know that if bread isn't toasted it's fake? :)

***FYI- Don't forget tomorrow is Try-It-Tuesday***


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I prefer my bread fake, thank you. :-)

Oh, and I have a recipe for tomorrow.

Jennifer P. said...

Dang!--I need to remember that I actually need to COOK something on Monday night and take pictures of it! I'll try and remember for next Tuesday! Right now I'm off to eat me a piec of fake bread :)!

Miki said...

lol...Jennifer's comment makes me laugh...

I'm still perplexed...I can't believe you figured it out! You are a good decoder I've just decided. You have to be super creative detective mommy to decode all of their thoughts so quickly without frustration!

Good job Holmes...Sherlock that is...