Thursday, March 08, 2012

Who Died?!

So yesterday, I had a little fender bender in a parking lot when leaving from Kate's dance. Ughhh....yes, it was my fault as I'm the one who backed into the other car. Never mind the fact that she was in a tiny little car and in my blind spot. I'm glad no one was hurt, but still, my big Expedition took quite the chunk out of her little Jetta's fender. Boo!!!

Anyway, Halle and I were having a conversation in the front sear as we were driving home, and Kate was trying to listen from the back seat. Her mind was already on overdrive because "she just crashed in the car" (she told ANYONE who would listen that she got in a car crash, funny kid), and I don't know what she heard Halle and I saying, but she piped up, "Who died?!"
Halle said, "No one died."
Then Kate, in a panicked voice, "Owen died?!!"

This, my friends is how gossip is started. LOL!! Reminded me of that telephone game I used to play as a kid where one person would whisper something in another's ear and it'd get passed on down the line until the last kid said what he had heard. It was NEVER the same as what was started by the first kid.

Oh little Kate Kate, she always keeps us laughing.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Carter's Baptism

Carter was baptized yesterday, March 3. What a beautiful day it was for him.

He looked so handsome and grown up in his new suit!

We showed up to the church early to get ready and take some before pictures. Carter and Dad all ready to go.

I wanted a couple of pictures with him too. (I'm kicking myself that I didn't think to get some pictures of me with my girls on their baptism days.)Oh I just adore this boy!

He's such a skinny lengthy thing. He looked adorable in his white baptism clothes.

His baptism was lovely. We had speakers from the stake and a beautiful piano solo of "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" by a Brother Reese from the stake. Then we went as wards to the font. Carter was the only one from our ward being baptized so it was special just for him.

While we waited for he and Jarom to change back into dry clothes before Carter's confirmation, Alyssa, Halle, and Kate sang "Through a Still Small Voice" and Alyssa and I played a cello/piano duet of "Baptism" (my all time favorite primary song). It was lovely and so nice to have his sisters be able to participate at his baptism.

Carter was overcome with emotion as he was confirmed. I think it was a combination of his sensitive nature being touched by the Spirit and seeing his dad tear up (that gets him every time). The bishop stood and gave a few remarks and welcomed Carter to the club of "babies" (man criers) to which Jarom, Jarom's dad, and Jarom's grandfather are all a part of. Carter seems to be following right along. It is darling to me and I love that he is such a tender hearted little soul.

I have to laugh at this "family" photo because I went right ahead and ruined it by blinking. I have only one "family" shot from Alyssa's baptism and I ruined that one too, by moving and poking her in the eye right before the shot. Boy I have bad luck.

After the baptism service, we all headed back to our house for lunch of sandwiches and excellent sides. Cousins played around and the real fun happened when the remote control helicopter got to come out. (In case anyone is wondering, yes it is already broken -two trips to the hobby store on Saturday alone- as is the brand new remote control car which rammed into a door frame and ripped its back wheel off, as well as the air hog stryofoam flyer plane which got its wings busted right in half. Good GRIEF!! But Carter is a good kid and is trying hard not to be too sad about the broken toys.)

I'm so proud of Carter and his baptism. It truly was such a special event, one that I will never forget. I'm excited for my little boy to learn and grow and progress in this world the way his Heavenly Father wants him too. I am so blessed to be his mother.

Carter turns 8!

I can't believe my baby boy is 8! The day started off with THREE Ego waffles for breakfast. He normally eats 2, but lately he's been saying, "For my birthday can I have 3 waffles?" Such a birthday wish, but he was so excited when he saw the stack and ate every bite. I guess he's a growing boy.

We ended up having his party at the aquatic center.

It was a double party for he and his pal Jaxon. Their birthdays are only one day apart, so we decided that since we'd basically be inviting the same kids, we'd just do it all in one whack. We ended up inviting all the boys from their school class and basketball team.

We had pizza, presents and cake the hour before the pool opened. It was A LOT of boys in a little room. And they were fit to be tied to have to wait to go swimming.

But they did find some fun in the present opening. Here's Carter getting a remote controlled helicopter. He's wanted one for a very long time. He saved some chore money and bought one before, but Alyssa took it for it's maiden voyage and wrecked it before Carter even had a chance to fly it. So he was super excited about getting a new one.

And then it was time for the pool!

There was a rousing game of basketball.

Halle and her friend Taylor wanted an action shot of them jumping into the pool.

Alyssa did a great job entertaining Kate and Jaxon's little sister Ava. Which meant I didn't even have to get in the pool. (And this picture sort of freaks me out, I can't tell if that kid in the front is underwater or if my camera blurred weird.)

And one of my favorite pictures of the night, Carter's friend Wynter jumping off the high dive. I love his perfect form and laugh every time I see this picture.

Everyone had a great time, and Carter wore himself right out. He came home and promptly fell asleep on the couch. It was a birthday success!