Sunday, July 29, 2007

Jarom's new office.

On July 15th, Jarom moved into his new office in Taylor's Crossing. It is a beautiful building and he is enjoying his own little room very much. Manwaring Web's signs were mounted this past weekend, so everything is now very official.

Kaylin's babyshower

Saturday, the 28th, we held a baby shower for Kaylin (and Ben). She is due with a boy, (Eli ?), on Aug 16th. We are so excited for them and can't wait for them to join the ranks of parenthood!

It was a nice shower and we did it at Jarom's new office building in the conference room. It worked out perfectly.

The cute diaper cake my sisters-in-law made.

The serving table. I never seem to get a picture of the food, so I made sure did this time. We had little mini quiches, poppy seed cake, and fruit salad with lemon water to drink. It was a very tasty brunch.

We had fun playing the memory match game. We had to match the candybar to the correct term, i.e. hospital bill = 100 Grand. If you made a match you got the candybar.

Here's Kaylin opening some gifts. It's so much fun to see a new mom getting all ready for the new baby to arrive.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hairspray and Harry Potter

I finally finished the Harry Potter series tonight! It was all that was talked about in the news so, I bought the first book (a paperback copy b/c I didn't want to waste my money on a hardback if I didn't like it) clear back when we lived in the single wide trailer in Boise. I loved it! About 6 months later book #3 released and Jarom bought me the hardbacks for #2 and #3 for my birthday. I have been an avid fan ever since and even talked Jarom into reading them with me. I must say, I am sad that the journey is over. It's been fun to have a good story to look forward to every couple of years. I was scared to read the final book for fear that I wouldn't like the ending, but all in all, I was pleased with it. Don't worry I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't read it yet.

Now for my new FAVORITE!! Hairspray, I am absolutely in love with this silly movie. I went and saw it about a week ago with the girls from Jarom's family, and we went and saw it AGAIN tonight. It's just so much fun and I can't wait to buy it and the soundtrack.

At tonight's showing, we had some excitement beyond the movie. I was sitting there immensely enjoying John Travolta as Edna Turnblad (at the very end of the movie), when all of a sudden the lady sitting behind me stuck both her bare feet on either side of my head. At first I was appalled and didn't know if I should turn around and give her the glare or what. Then I heard someone saying, "Is she okay? What's wrong?!" I turned around and saw that the poor lady was having a seizure. The woman she was with was just a co-worker and had no idea if this was normal or not and was quite scared. My sister-in-law, Natalie, who has her CNA (I think that's the one, I get all mixed up) got up and checked on the poor woman. My other sister-in-law, Becky, ran to get a manager to get some help. The lady's seizure lasted quite a while, I would say 1-2 minutes and then she stopped shaking, but wasn't responding. After several minutes of her being like that, she finally sat up and was visibly confused at what had happened. I asked her if she had had seizures before, but all she could do was say, "Okay." and look at me really strangely. So we told her sit back down and relax. The paramedics showed up and we all decided it was best to leave and let them do their job, but the theater manager came back and gave us free tickets to see another show. It was quite exciting/scary and I hope the poor lady is okay.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Grandpa Freidenberger!

I have so FEW pictures of Jarom's Grandpa. Guess I need to be better at taking some when he's around us. Happy Birthday Grandpa George. I've always really liked him, he shares my love for animals.

Grandpa George and Anna Nov. 2005.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Basement progress: one month

We began the basement exactly one month ago today. We now have plumbing, electrical outlets, lights, heat ducts, a fireplace hookup, and walls. It's so exciting to see it all coming together. I just can't wait to be done! The bathroom has gone from bare studs and a pile of dirt and cement on the floor, to a new entry, closet and an actual tub in the room! Can you believe I am standing in exactly the same place in both of these pictures?

The toy nook has been transformed into a cute raised stage with an arched entry. This is my favorite part about the basement.

Here's one of the bedrooms. This one happens to be Halle's. She was the unlucky one with the heating vent running through her room, but I think it is really cute how the ceiling comes down lower over her closet door. Wish I was really creative and could think of some cute way to decorate it. Suggestions?

Another view from the back end of the family room. The doorway at the end leads into the girls' rooms.

Now for the really messy part... mudding and sanding. (Oh the dust!)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A big day for birthdays!

July 22 is a big day for birthdays in my family. My niece, Grandma, and sister-in-law all share the same birthday. So here we go, HAPPY BIRTHDAY everyone!!!!

Happy Birthday Liberty!

We are so glad we live close to you know so that we can see you so often. Halle loves you so much and can't wait to see you next. We hope you have a VERY happy birthday! You're all grown up now that you are 5.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

My Grandma is recovering from a fall at Lincoln Court, so I know she won't see this. We'll have to make a visit to her tonight.

Happy Birthday Missy!!

Jarom tells me you are a grown woman and I should probably call you Melissa, but I just don't know if I'll ever be able to. Anyway, we hope you have a great day filled with lots of fun. AND, we're very glad you recovered so quickly from
your esophagus stretching. We hope you'll be able to eat and actually swallow lots of good things now! :)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex turns the big 12 today! I can't believe you are that old already. It seems like just yesterday you were only a baby at my wedding. You were so cute then and have grown into a very pretty young lady. Happy birthday, and I hope you have a VERY great day! Only one year away from being a full blown teenager!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sheetrock arrives!

The process to begin hanging the sheetrock begins tomorrow, bright and early at 7:30 AM. I can't wait for my basement to start looking a little more finished. Jarom's cousin, Travus, is the doing the sheetrock for us and says it should take about 2 weeks. Then I can start to think about the finishing touches. We're getting there!!!! The kids LOVED watching the big truck unload in our front yard.

Then they had to watch as the guys attempted to get the big sheets into our little basement bedroom through the window well. The sheets are 12 feet long, our bedroom is 12 feet 4 inches. WHEW!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Gabby!

Happy Birthday Gabs! We wished we lived closer so we could see you more. I hope you have a great day and that you are spoiled rotten.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Today the plumbing/vent inspector came to check out our basement. I had a good chat with him. Then the Fed Ex delivery lady came; yet another good chat. Then as I was going on with my morning chores, I glanced in the mirror and realized, my clothes were on inside out. LOL! I had a good laugh with myself.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Halle's school party.

Halle got to go to a summer school party for her class today. She is in a class called spectrum which has 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders all in the same classroom. I had heard wonderful things about one of the spectrum teachers in particular, Mrs. Ball, and wanted nothing more than for Halle to get her. I used all the ammo I had, letters to principal, email to Mrs. Ball herself, and even the Manwaring name. (THANKS Rachel!! She and Mrs. Ball used to work together.) Anyway, Halle was placed in her class and at first I was really nervous that maybe I did the wrong thing. Maybe Halle needed to be in a class with lots of little 1st grade girls??? However, after meeting Mrs. Ball today and seeing her interaction with the kids, I just know its going to be the perfect fit for Halle. I can't wait for the school year to start and to see the progress Halle is going to make.

It's official, we're potty training.

Kate has been potty training for the last week. She is doing SO good. She doesn't tell me every time she needs to go, but she will go every time I sit her on the toilet. I have ventured to the library and Wal-mart and she has stayed dry both times. I have found that this little swimsuit seems to help her for some reason. Maybe it's becuase it's really a 4T and she is 20 months?? She must like the airy feeling. I say, "Whatever works!"

Today was Kate's first official day wearing panties and staying dry all day. Well, almost, she had one little accident about 15 minutes ago (it is 10 pm, so I say it is still a victory). Anyway, after I took her wet clothes off, I just let her run naked for a minute so I could find some pj's and put her to bed. But, she had found a pair of Carter's Nascar undies and insisted on wearing them. So I had to click a picture. It was too funny. She is the underwear theif around here. She raids Alyssa and Halle's drawer and comes out wearing size 7 panties with the leg around her waist. I decided it was time to break down and get her her own and bought some cute little My Little Ponies and then just some plain bright colored ones. She prefers the plain ones. Maybe I just should let her wear Carter's hand me downs. :)

p.s. She had just had a chocolate ice cream sundae so that's why her face looks like she is an abandoned child.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Johnny turns 2!

Johnny August of 2005. Wasn't he SO cute?! How come they are so cute when they're babies? It's what gets me every time.

Johnny playing house with Alyssa. This is his happy family, (all of Alyssa's stuffed dogs). She took the picture. (I am constantly finding pictures of him on my camera. They do it when I am not looking.)

Following in Amber's footsteps, my kids wanted me to wish Johnny a happy birthday on the blog. So Happy Birthday Johnny! (If only you wouldn't bark SOO much! )

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Owen!

Last year at the 4th of July.

This year at the 4th of July! Watch out! Here comes Owen with a sparkler!!

This is how I'll always remember Owen; blanket it tow.

Little Owen isn't so little anymore. He's two!!!! And on Friday the 13th no less. :) Happy Birthday Owen and we can't wait to come swimming tomorrow to celebrate your big day.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The greenhouse fire.

Here's a picture of what's left of the greenhouse wall. The first fire didn't burn all of that, but Bryon and Dad decided to burn the rest of it since the front half was already gone.

Redneck Swimming Pool

The kids really wanted to get wet on the fourth. So my dad, creative as ever, invented the redneck swimming pool for them.
It was a little bit cold the first day, but the next day, they played for HOURS in that thing.

And, as always, the train at my parents is another GREAT babysitter! :)

The 4th of July!

Idaho Falls seriously knows how to celebrate the 4th. I've only been to two other cities on the 4th, but neither one could hold a candle to I.F. We started the day off with the traditional parade. We sit close to the start of it and come home with loads of candy. The kids love it and so do I. It gives me a sense of pride for my little community. Granted, it is filled with dorky pick-up trucks with no reason what so ever to be in the parade, but still I love it.

I tried to get a cute shot of my kids in their fourth of July wear, but the sun was too bright and we were late for the parade, so I gave up. This is the best I got.

Enjoying the parade.

My cousin, Larissa and her girls, joined us again this year for the festivities. She came last year, and it is turning into a fun tradition to have them around with us.

We went to my folks in between the parade and fireworks, but I need to save that for it's very own post.

Last year on the 5th, Jarom called the Red Lion and booked us a room to watch the fireworks from. It was a lot of fun and something new. And although not fighting traffic, having a bathroom at my beck and call, and a soft bed to put tired kids in, was VERY nice, I still love sitting amongst all the people on the river bank the best.

You can't see us very well, but we're in the 4th balcony from the bottom. Emily and Bryon came and joined us for the fireworks.

We pulled all the chairs out onto the balcony, ate candy, and had a good time watching all of the people.

Look at everyone sitting on the banks in front of the temple waiting to see the "biggest fireworks display west of the Mississippi".

Afterwards, Emily and Bryon waited out the traffic a bit and we had fun playing Phase 10.

We did book a room for next year, but we could only get the 3rd floor and the price went up another $100, so I think we'll probably cancel and fight the crowds with everyone else.

Fireworks with Manwarings.

Halle, Alyssa, and Bailey getting ready for the show.

Our pyro-technicians for the night, Brandon and Ben. They did a great job and didn't start anything on fire!!

Emily and her new puppy, Addie.

The kids starting things off with little poppers.

Kate and her giant piece of watermelon.

Just enjoying the show.