Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween from the Manwarings. We've partied all week long and today, is definitely recover and nap day. (Well, for Mom anyway.)
This year Kate chose to be Princess Leia.

Complete with Princess Leia buns. She is a die hard Star Wars fan. There are times when I'll turn on Strawberry Shortcake movies or something and she'll say to me, "Mom, can we watch Star Wars yet?"

Just a cute shot of all the little preschoolers in their dress ups. So cute.

Carter didn't really want to be anything for Halloween. When asked, all he would say is that he wanted some new weapon (sword, gun, etc.) I didn't know what he'd think of the army guy costume, but he fell in love with it the minute he saw it. He put it on and immediately ran outside and laid in the grass. Then he said, "Mom! Can you even see me?" LOL! (And his cub scout salute here, cracks me up!)

All Halle could think about was being a "candy corn witch". We had to search high and low to find this costume, but we did it and she turned out adorable. She even won a costume contest at a party she went to.

Alyssa allowed me to dig out of the costume box and come up with a witch ensemble. (She says that next year she gets to buy a costume.) I think it turned out great. Doesn't she make a cute little witchy?

The little witches had to go to Grammy's to get their cats, but they managed to find them. I don't think the cats appreciated being an addition to the costumes, but the witches enjoyed it.

It was fairly low key for me this year. I found my Hawaiian dress in the closet, bought a lei and put on some eyelashes to wear to the ward party. I did make Jarom wear a sea shell necklace and his Hawaii shirt, but he was too busy working in the spook alley for me to every get a picture of him.

Everyone made a great haul in the candy department and now, we're all just working off our sugar highs.

Hope you had a great Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alyssa's 12th Birthday

Alyssa turns 12 this week! We partied last Saturday for her because our schedule is too full this week. She says it was her best birthday ever. I'm guessing that had a little something to do with the gift she received.

Alyssa wanted donuts for her "cake". Her favorite is maple. Silly girls, you've got to wait until the guests show up.

Here they are; now the party can start. (Natalie, Bailey, Alli, Alyssa, and Rachel)

Here's the reason this was the "best birthday ever"!

She is in love. She shares minutes with Jarom and I, but gets unlimited texts. Good thing, as she is a texting maniac already. So hilarious to watch her. I can't believe I have child old enough to own a cell phone. But it sure is nice to be able to call her directly instead of calling all her friends cells to track her down.

Carter was a wee bit jealous that he didn't turn 12 too. He REALLY wants a cell phone. (AKA a gaming toy.) He tried hard to be happy for his sister, but there were a few tears shed.

After the candles were blown out and the donuts safe and sound in our tummies, we headed to the local corn maze.

And heeeeerre we go!

Ahhh....we're lost!

We made it out! Well, our shadows did anyway. Mwahahahahah.

Happy Birthday Alyssa! You are very loved and appreciated in this family. And I could watch that video of you opening your phone a million times. Precious!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Tidbits about Carter

Carter is in Mrs Ball's spectrum class now. We had such a good experience with it for Halle, that we decided to move Carter into the class too. It's a little bit different experience with Carter. He's a boy, so I don't get the details that I did with Halle. But I do know that he loves school and is enjoying his class. He LOVED doing his first play/musical. It was an anatomy play and he was a lung. A guitar playing, singing lung. Don't see that everyday. But he did great and the play was darling.

And just because I think this picture is cute, I wanted to post it. Little Cameron was full on pro-wrestling Carter. It was hilarious and Carter was so cute to let Cameron do it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kate's Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

All About Spuds

It's potato harvest time around these parts.
Kate's preschool got to take a field trip to the potato farm. When the potato vines turn brown in the fields, it's time to harvest.

We dug up a few potatoes for the kids to take home. They acted like they were finding treasure every time they spotted one. I don't think they grasped the concept that they were standing on an entire field full of potato gold.

After the potatoes are dug up, they go on the belt.

Where workers pick out rot and dirt clods.

Then the good potatoes go up and up.

To the very tip top of Potato Mountain in the storage cellar. Where they are stored all year in the dark (so they don't turn green), at the perfect temperature and humidity level.

Look at all those potatoes!! (And dust in the air.) Who knows, maybe one of these will make it to your dinner plate.

At the end of the trip, we must take a picture on the straw bales.

What a fun field trip!

Alyssa joins the Orchestra

Don't ask me what is wrong with my camera, I haven't a clue. I fear it's on its last leg. Alyssa came home begging to join orchestra and play cello. I called around and found out I could rent a cello for $65 for the entire school year. So I figured, what the hay, why not? We now have a pretty (albeit scratched up and used) cello in our home. It's been fun for all of us to give it a go.

Alyssa even talked Bailey into joining. Bailey chose violin, and now everyday after school, we are serenaded with the sweet sounds of screeching strings. It's a beautiful thing. :)

The Month of September

A few things left to tell about our September and then guess what?? I'll be caught up on the blog Woo-hoo!
First up, I spent several days taking the old nasty stained fabric off my dining room chairs. I loved it, but it was so gross and embarrassing, I couldn't stand it any longer.

Armed with a staple gun, one million staples (okay, not really, but close) , a screwdriver and a hammer, I managed to recover the chairs.

Much better! I am loving how they turned out and the tan fabric matches my newly painted walls so well. Fun!

Carter found the glue and created some "army art". Then he found the camera to document it all.

Such a lovely self portrait carter. Ah, the gems I find on my camera.

And last but certainly not least, Jarom turned 35 years old. We tried to get a fun family shot, but I closed my eyes. And then Halle, got caught mid "cheese".

It was a very low key birthday party, lunch at Famous Dave's and the night spent at home with our own little family. And if that doesn't say "old" to you, Jarom's back seizing up and him spending 3 days in bed might. Yep....we're that old now.