Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween from the Manwarings. We've partied all week long and today, is definitely recover and nap day. (Well, for Mom anyway.)
This year Kate chose to be Princess Leia.

Complete with Princess Leia buns. She is a die hard Star Wars fan. There are times when I'll turn on Strawberry Shortcake movies or something and she'll say to me, "Mom, can we watch Star Wars yet?"

Just a cute shot of all the little preschoolers in their dress ups. So cute.

Carter didn't really want to be anything for Halloween. When asked, all he would say is that he wanted some new weapon (sword, gun, etc.) I didn't know what he'd think of the army guy costume, but he fell in love with it the minute he saw it. He put it on and immediately ran outside and laid in the grass. Then he said, "Mom! Can you even see me?" LOL! (And his cub scout salute here, cracks me up!)

All Halle could think about was being a "candy corn witch". We had to search high and low to find this costume, but we did it and she turned out adorable. She even won a costume contest at a party she went to.

Alyssa allowed me to dig out of the costume box and come up with a witch ensemble. (She says that next year she gets to buy a costume.) I think it turned out great. Doesn't she make a cute little witchy?

The little witches had to go to Grammy's to get their cats, but they managed to find them. I don't think the cats appreciated being an addition to the costumes, but the witches enjoyed it.

It was fairly low key for me this year. I found my Hawaiian dress in the closet, bought a lei and put on some eyelashes to wear to the ward party. I did make Jarom wear a sea shell necklace and his Hawaii shirt, but he was too busy working in the spook alley for me to every get a picture of him.

Everyone made a great haul in the candy department and now, we're all just working off our sugar highs.

Hope you had a great Halloween!!!


becky ward said...

so glad you guys stopped by! and i am loving your get-up! what a sexy hawaiian! (:

Shannon said...

Everyone looks great in their costumes... including you! ;)

Michaela went as a Candy Corn Witch this year, too! She got quite a few compliments on her costume.

Tamie said...

your kids (and you) are so cute!!! ahlloween looks like it was fun at your house this year :)
i saw that Leia costume at target on Saturday and told Brook that if they had that in an adult size i would soooo wear it for halloween....maybe next year :)

Lee Ann said...

Love they lashes!! And I have yet to buy my girls a NEW costume. How long do you think I can milk this? I wanted to make them into m&m bags but Anna rolled her eyes.

Cute kiddos!

Jeremy and Kelly Manwaring Family said...

You guys are awesome! Love ALL your costumes, and the details about each one makes it all even more fun :)It's especially refreshing to see a "normal" halloween since it's much more low key here (We carved coconuts this time around)!

Jennifer P. said...

poor the cat's they had to be carried around the block by a candie corn and a witch:)

Jennifer P. said...

poor the cat's they had to be carried around the block by a candie corn and a witch:)

Michelle said...

Oh how fun... and I love the Princess Leia. Those are some great buns on her. I'm glad my Little Miss isn't the only mega Star Wars fan. She insisted on being a Clone Trooper though ;)

Trish said...

I could never have done that to Kate's hair. I'm so impressed! Carter looks adorable! And Halle and Alyssa make the most darling witches! I love your eyelashes! So lovely and long, but my question is: Did you wear a seashell bra?