Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Golden Tooth

Just a quick note today about Kate.

Yesterday I took her to the dentist to get some cavities filled. I honestly didn't realize one of the cavities was as bad as it was; I'd been paying more attention to a smaller one on the bottom teeth. So because the cavity was so deep, she ended up getting a baby root canal and cap on the tooth. She was ultra brave and had no idea shots had been involved whatsoever. I told her that she was getting a "robot tooth" and she said, "Yes! I ALWAYS wanted a 'golden' tooth!" LOL!! I'm so glad I could make her dream come true. I'm also so glad that there are enough bad moms out there (right along side myself), that 'golden teeth' are a fad these days.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Puppet Show $1

Kate has been into performing "puppet shows" for us lately. The other morning this funny little incident occurred: (In Jarom's words.)

This morning Kate asked me for $1 because she cleaned her room. I took a look and told her it needed a little more work before it deserved a $1. She gave me a disappointed look, disappeared for about ten minutes, coming back to ask if I would watch her puppet show. Of course I would. When I got to the door of her room/theater there was a sign: Puppet show, ticket $1!

Kate and her cast of characters, Alyssa, Halle, Carter, Kate. For some reason "Kate" is always the main character. LOL!

R.I.P. Mimzy, March 2007-January 2012

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It was a good, long run for our silly little guinea pig (5 years), but it all came to an end about 3 weeks ago. Poor little Mimzy; I knew she was sick, but I also knew she was old as far as guinea pigs go. I didn't want to spend a million dollars on an elderly rodent, as much as I loved her. I got myself all geared up to have her put down so she wouldn't suffer, got the kids all worked up over it too, then when I took her in I chickened out and opted for antibiotics, which the vet seemed to think would work. But it was too little too late and she died a few days later.

I had some sad kids for about 24 hours and then they acted like it was no big deal. Honestly I think they were the most upset about the fact that we didn't bury her in the back yard. They had all envisioned a shoe box grave, complete with a painted rock headstone. (She was discreetly disposed of in the one and only "Garbage Dump Cemetery".) When Carter asked why we didn't bury her, we told him, "Do you want Johnny to dig her up and you see him chewing on her dead body?" Carter said, "But they were friends! Why would he do that?" Nature can be a cruel, cruel world little man.

I'll be honest, I loved that stupid little guinea pig and yes, shed a few tears over her. I'm sure the vet thought I was a nut job, a 36 year old grown woman crying over her guinea pig. (Okay, I didn't really cry per se, just teared up and got a big ol' lump in my throat.) I still miss her little squeaks, but I can honestly say, I do not miss smelling a dirty cage. Not one bit. Rest in peace little Mimzy. I hope you're popcorn jumping all over heaven.

And no.... no more guinea pigs for this house. We got her because Jarom and Kate have cat allergies and I wanted a fluffy pet in the house. Turns out Alyssa, Kate, and me are super allergic to guinea pigs. Who knew?