Friday, July 31, 2009

This and That

This last week I was asked if I would share a bit about my blurb books with the ladies at my church. (We also learned how to take nice pictures, use photoshop and create beautiful scrap pages, and other fun ideas we shared with each other.) The first book I made, I was able to fit an entire year of 2006 in the 200 or so pages. Then along came 2007 & '08, and I became a blogging fool and I've had to print quarterly books. However, (and this is the point I'm trying to make), this poor year of 2009 might just fit in one or two books. I have been SUCH a slacker this year.

Life has been relatively quiet around here. No vacations or incredibly fun outings. No major mishaps from the children. Nothing particularly blog inspiring. Don't get me wrong, life is still chaotic as always. You know, the dog barking and peeing in places that make me want to strangle the life out him, kids crying, fighting, and laughing, dishes to the ceiling, laundry all over the floor, the doorbell ringing, and the phone ringing all at the same time, (and all when I've not showered in 2 days). You

We are healthy and happy and sad that summer is quickly coming to a close. (I noticed golden yellow wheat fields yesterday and was reminded that mother nature doesn't care if I want more summer or not.) This weekend we will go to my sister-in-law's baby shower and then I'll have something fun to post about. Until then, I hope you are all enjoying these last few weeks of summer!

And on a different note, does anyone know why blogger's search feature doesn't work anymore? It makes me crazy, I can't find things in blog!

Monday, July 27, 2009

T-ball Recap

"OH! Look at that!"

When a fire truck pulls into view,

and lets the water rip, playing ball is the LAST thing on a 5 year old's mind. (The fire truck came for a developmental workshop water party that was happening right by the field.)

Look at all their little faces pressed up against the fence. They couldn't concentrate on the game for anything.

During games, my girls loved to play in this big tree. They say it's the perfect climbing tree.

And right they are! They climbed all the way to the top. And I'm talking about all. the. way. Like, all they had to do was stick their arms and legs out and they would have looked like a Christmas star. I heard a woman say, "Oh my word, who's kid is at the top of that tree!?" (The woman happened to be Jarom's aunt, so I couldn't say, "Hmmm...never seen them before. I wonder who their mother is?!") I'm just glad they were able to climb back down so that I didn't have to go up! We might have had to call the fire department back over if that had happened.

Ahhh t-ball...I love it. (But I'm glad its over with this season.)

Friday, July 24, 2009


Tamie had this posted on her facebook and it's just too good not to post on my blog. Who knew little ol' Edward and Jacob would take over the world? (Be sure to watch to the end, the screaming is hysterical. We women are a funny breed. And I can say that, I'm a woman.)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

4 Reasons to Smile

1. Alyssa

2. Halle

3. Carter

4. Kate

Nothing like a sardine sandwich sleepover in a blanket fort.

There's a tea party going on in the backyard and it's a black tie affair.

Whirlpool city in my very own backyard.

Be sure to wear your life jacket in the 24 inch deep water. Wouldn't want to take any chances. (Actually Carter practically refuses to get in w/o his life jacket. He's afraid he'll drown he says. But at least he's letting himself float around; that's improvement. Before I know it, he'll be brave and swimming like a fish.)

I'm just feeling really lucky tonight to have these 4 little gems as my kids.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Name Game

I have to quickly write down what its like to play house with Kate. She is hilarious!

It always starts with the choosing of the play names, and she insists I go first.
If I choose a name she doesn't think is pretty she says, " lets choose your next name."
And if the name is still not to her liking (Giselle) she says, "Ummm...actually, I'll choose your name."
But if the name is ultra "pretty" (Nellie, Natalie, Melanie, Courtney, or Trish) she'll say, "Actually, that's my name. Let's choose yours now."
It's hysterical. (And her use of "actually" cracks me up. She says it ALL of the time.)

Just one of those fun little mom moments that I don't want to forget.

One more Kate funny:

The other day she said in the sweetest, most sincere little voice, "Oh Mom! Your tummy is getting so big." (I think she meant it as a compliment. LOL!) So I replied with a thank you. And then she said, "But....uh....why does is wiggle?" LOLLLL!!!!! Nothing like the honesty of a 3 year old.

She's been so infatuated and confused by the birth of our new little cousin Madalyn. She's still not quite convinced that Madalyn came out of Becky's tummy. And she's been very obsessed with the idea of having babies. Yesterday, she told my mom, "My mom's going to have a baby tomorrow." Oh dear....NOT what I need her announcing. I can only imagine the rumors that will fly when she tells her church class.

For the record...No, I am NOT Pregnant!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Lemonade Slurpers

Find some stick candy. (I had to get this from a candy store.) I think the best flavor is peppermint, but my kids also like grape or strawberry.

Get some nice big lemons and roll them all around on the counter. Get them nice and squishy. Then wash them off.

Cut a small slit in the peel. I think a V shape works great.

Break a candy stick in half and shove it in the lemon.

Give the lemons a good squeeze (the more you squeeze, the more juice you'll get), then suck the juice up the candy stick.

Tastes like a gourmet lemonade! Try the peppermint, you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

All Work and Some Play

While my cousin, Larissa and her girls were here, we did do a lot of work. But we also managed to squeeze in some play time. After all, kids can only keep their hands off drying walls and tables for so long.

We spent a day out at Grammy's and Grampy's and pulled the train out, first run of the season. It held up well to its cargo load.

We made a trip to the zoo and made our best attempts at impersonating the flamingos.

We spent an obscene amount of money at the local, dilapidated, amusement park.

A dizzying ride on the Octopus was loads of fun. Madelynn, Alyssa, and Halle

A spin in an airplane sounds like a good time.

Trying to get a picture of the fun Carter, I, and Aurianna had on the Ferris Wheel.

Hello 9 chins (and no children), let's try that again.

Hmmm...Where'd Carter go?

Oh good grief, I give up.

How about the view from above. Yikes, just looking at this picture makes my stomach do flip flops. I think I am slightly afraid of heights.

We waited and waited for a hot day to arrive, and when it was sort of warmish we headed to the splash park. Warmish or not, it was still a little too chilly and the kids didn't last long in the water. Alyssa, Brylee, Kate

And the whole week ended with the show of a life time, directed by our very own Alyssa. With all cousins performing, Halle on lights, and Carter beating the lid of the toy box with very precise rhythm.

Bravo! Bravo! Until next year...adieu.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chip Repair

I grew up in a home with wood paneling on the walls. It never showed dirt, dings, hand prints, or anything really. (Wait a minute! Wood paneling has gone out of style why?) So the concept of "up-keep" on painted walls, is somewhat foreign to me.

I have lots of little dings where the paint is chipping off. We've already established how "un-projecty" I am, and the thought of fixing up all those holes in my wall was a little bit daunting to me.

Never fear, Larissa was here, and she helped me use a razor blade to carefully take a big chip off the wall so that I could have Sherwin Williams color match it for me. I've been busy spackling, texturing, and painting. (Which honestly hasn't been that hard now that I know how to do it, and have the supplies.) I've been turning things like this (See the white chipped paint?):

into this:
I've been feeling pretty good about myself and all my little "projects".

Little did I know, a sweet 5 year old was watching the use of the razor blade and scraper VERY carefully. Well, little did I know until this sight greeted me in my bathroom,
and my office, and my den, and my hallway.

For the love of Pete! Can a girl catch a break?? Guess I'll be patching more walls.

A Project Adventure

You must understand, that I am NOT a project doer. I'm just not. I envy all of you that are, but I have a REALLY hard time making myself do "projects". So when my cousin, Larissa, showed up and saw the state of my table, she took it upon herself to make me re-do it. (Honestly, it was relieving to have someone MAKE me do it. I've been complaining about it for about 2 years now.)
See how the finish had come off at the bottom of the picture? This is how the table was prior to ANY sanding. I could no longer wash the table with a wet rag, b/c the finish would just ball up and come off onto my rag. It was bad....REALLY bad.

First we tried sanding by hand. That got us NO where.

Then we borrowed my friend Kayce's electric sander. THANK GOODNESS for that! It was still a process, but there is no way we would have gotten it finished with out it. Thanks Kayce!

We sanded,

and sanded,
and sanded some more. The finish was so old and ruined that it would gum up a new piece of sandpaper in about 3 swipes. We went through more sandpaper than you can imagine. And then, we'd have to get out a paint scraper and peel the waxy surface off before we could sand more. This took HOURS. (Word to the wise...USE a wax stripper next time!)

Once we finally got the surface off, we used 3 coats of stain. Unfortunately, on the last coat, I used the brush that had been soaking in water. Oil based stain, used on a wet (with water) brush, makes for sticky, shiny, stain spots that don't dry.

more sanding.

After 3 days of that, it was finally time to put the poly urethane on. Three coats (with more sanding in between) plus one more for good measure and voila...

Looking so pretty and shiny again. Another 4 days of drying,

until FINALLY, last night, we were able to eat on my brand new again table. (And I even wiped it with a wash cloth and all the finish stayed on!)

Thank you Larissa, for all your help and for making me get this done!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July Fun

I love the 4th of July in Idaho Falls. This little town really knows how to celebrate. I enjoy everything about it and insist on dragging my family to the city parade to start things off. Poor Jarom hates the parade. (He says all it is, is advertisements for local businesses and it brings out all the crazies. He's probably right, seeing as how this year a 12 year old boy was shot in the foot while trying to sell cotton candy. YIKES!) But still, myself and the kids enjoy it, so we go. Then it's off to enjoy all the family fun and bbq's.

Every year my inlaws buy a new Banzai Falls water slide. We set it up for it's test run on the 4th of July and then each family gets to use the slide for a week during the summer. After 8 families, the Banzai usually meets it demise, signaling the end of summer.

The kids splash away and the adults lounge in the shade. I think we all ended up getting a nap. How nice is that?!

Although watching the kids play is great fun, it's even better to watch an aunt or an uncle try to take on the water slide.

Especially when the Banzai doesn't hold up!

After the fun in the sun, it was off to the other grandparents' to play with more cousins. Halle, Alyssa, & Liberty.

Kate & Brylee

And to celebrate this little guy's 1st birthday. Poor little Brancyn was sick and this was about the only smile I got out of him. Usually he's smiley as can be, but on the 4th, every time I'd look at him, he'd hang his head and cry. Poor thing, sick for his birthday.

Carter & Jarom

Then it was time to go the fireworks.
Kade, Brancyn, Mom, Brylee

Kayson, Halle, Alyssa, Liberty waiting for the show to begin.

Kaylin & Benjamin

The fireworks in Idaho Falls are really quite amazing and we proudly boast about them to anyone who asks. Nothing like ending the day with a great display and good ol' patriotic music. (I tear up EVERY time, but don't tell anyone.)