Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July Fun

I love the 4th of July in Idaho Falls. This little town really knows how to celebrate. I enjoy everything about it and insist on dragging my family to the city parade to start things off. Poor Jarom hates the parade. (He says all it is, is advertisements for local businesses and it brings out all the crazies. He's probably right, seeing as how this year a 12 year old boy was shot in the foot while trying to sell cotton candy. YIKES!) But still, myself and the kids enjoy it, so we go. Then it's off to enjoy all the family fun and bbq's.

Every year my inlaws buy a new Banzai Falls water slide. We set it up for it's test run on the 4th of July and then each family gets to use the slide for a week during the summer. After 8 families, the Banzai usually meets it demise, signaling the end of summer.

The kids splash away and the adults lounge in the shade. I think we all ended up getting a nap. How nice is that?!

Although watching the kids play is great fun, it's even better to watch an aunt or an uncle try to take on the water slide.

Especially when the Banzai doesn't hold up!

After the fun in the sun, it was off to the other grandparents' to play with more cousins. Halle, Alyssa, & Liberty.

Kate & Brylee

And to celebrate this little guy's 1st birthday. Poor little Brancyn was sick and this was about the only smile I got out of him. Usually he's smiley as can be, but on the 4th, every time I'd look at him, he'd hang his head and cry. Poor thing, sick for his birthday.

Carter & Jarom

Then it was time to go the fireworks.
Kade, Brancyn, Mom, Brylee

Kayson, Halle, Alyssa, Liberty waiting for the show to begin.

Kaylin & Benjamin

The fireworks in Idaho Falls are really quite amazing and we proudly boast about them to anyone who asks. Nothing like ending the day with a great display and good ol' patriotic music. (I tear up EVERY time, but don't tell anyone.)


Mama Williams said...

You tear up?! How cute are you! I love the Banzai water fall tradition. LOL! Those things are huge! Is the 4th your favorite holiday? Your matchy outfits are so cute. Did you make the girls dresses?

I didn't get a pix of Carrie cause we met up at 10pm for literally 15min.Time for a College reunion! I miss Boise.

becky ward said...

i hate that picture of me and plump and ready to pop. but, i LOVE those pictures of ben on the banzai. HILARIOUS!

Tonya said...

How fun! What a great tradition. You are so blessed to have so much cousins and family around.

Bill feels the same way about parades, but I love them.

Great pictures and tons of fun. I love the the 4th of July and all it stands for.

I'm sorry Brancyn wasn't feeling well, but great picture of you two.

Trish said...

Looks like fabulous fun! The slide cracked me up. What awesome family to buy one of those every year!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

That is so cool that your family buys a slide like that each year to share. So...do ya'll take turns on who gets it last??

Grammy said...

Man, "God Bless America" really got to me this year too, and the fireworks were so in sync. It was a great fireworks display this year.