Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It Just Fell Out

Today is a special day. Kate lost her first tooth! I had no clue that it was even loose. Neither did she apparently. She came running down the stairs in complete shock, and crying like her left arm had been cut off. Poor little thing, it scared her to death. I asked her what happened and she said, "It just fell out on Halle's leg." Halle had been painting Kate's toenails when Kate all of a sudden just grabbed her mouth and ran. When Halle looked down, there was a tooth sitting on her leg. So funny!

After we all (my mom and sister just happened to be here to witness the drama) oohed and ahhed and talked about what a grown up, big girl Kate was she, slowly decided that it might be okay. I'm still not so sure its okay. This means my baby of babies is growing up and that's just not okay!

When bedtime came around, Kate was SO excited for the tooth fairy to come. She semi-believes (has too many older siblings to fully believe) and told me, "If you see the tooth fairy flying around, make sure you tell her my room is right here."

I'm happy to report the tooth fairy did her job and Kate now has money burning a hole in her pocket. She's ready to go buy a pack of gum....her favorite thing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Larissa's Visit

Larissa stayed and played for about a week. We had a great time playing with cousins.

We vegged on the couch and watched movies.

Went to the zoo and the river for snowcones.

Even Grammy, Aunt Gale, and Mimi joined us for the fun.

We played and loved on baby Bridgette.

And snuggled her some more.

Seriously, Bridgette is the happiest baby on the planet. Such a little angel. We had a great time prentending she was ours.

We loaded Grampy's bus for a tour.

Where we learned the hard way that the gas gage was broken. Luckily it was only about a 1/4 of a mile away from home.

Kate was SO happy to have a buddy. She and Aurianna were great friends.

As were Madelynn and Halle.

We dressed up and made a movie. These kids LOVED it!

But it did take a bit of time to edit...Carter couldn't quite wait long enough.

Kali found her inner boy (with a house full of all girls, boy toys are a rarity) but made sure her princess dress was on.

And little Bridgette Dutch Baby didn't want to be left out of the dress up fun.

Now, for you viewing pleasure, "The Audition"!

Oh the fun of cousins!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mimi's Baby Shower

Time for a baby shower! I had such fun working on the diaper cake for my sister (and soon to be baby Josie). It turned out just the way I was hoping, nice and simple and darling -if I do say so myself.

The gift corner grew out of control! :) The little bassinet you can see hidden in the middle, was the one my dad used as a baby. We thought it made a cute decoration.

The crowd had to sit 3 and 4 deep. It was a huge shower and a huge success. Emily got some really cute stuff.

We had to play the string game of course. Love to see how big (or small) everyone's guesses were. My grandma's guess wrapped Emily twice and then some. So funny.

My cousin's little baby, Bridgette, had to model some of the cute stuff little Josie-pants got. She is going to be one dolled up baby girl!

A big Thank You to Bryon's sister Amie, my mom, my sisters-in-law Deidra and Natalie, and my cousin Larissa for all helping with the shower and making it a great success.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girl Scout Sleep Over

Halle's girl scout troop got to go to a Chukars game. After the game, they set up tents on the baseball field, locked the gates, and the girl scouts got to have a sleep over. I sent my camera with her and these are a few of the shots of fun she brought home.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Girls Camp

Alyssa ready for her first year at Girl's Camp! This is a big deal in our church; when you turn 12 you are then eligible to spend the week camping with other girls ages 12-18. I have some seriously fond memories from my times there and was excited for Alyssa to finally be able to go. I'll let her type up the rest of this post, as these are her memories.

Me and Lexi on first hike of the day! Here we are at the beginning of it with the creek we hiked along by the whole time. We had to cross it 3 times on logs in the air. It was a little scary.

Here is my Beehive leader Sister Searle crossing log #1! We were about a mile into our hike when some "beautiful" rain had to come and cancel the rest. We were all hoping we could finish through the rain, but it started to thunder and lighting so we had to "evacuate" the mountain.

Me in my lovely poncho. For almost all of the first day I got to where this thing. It was my Best Friend that day! We drove to camp to see how far the tents had been put up, as we had guessed none of them had been because of the rain. My dad had been part of the tent pitching crew and was underneath a tarp that had been set up when we got there. Most of the girls were good sports and helped pitch the tents when we were finished everyone got their bags inside their tent and huddled in the tents for a couple of minutes to warm up!

Here's my tent buddies. Left to Right: Hailey Rylee Symphany Keisha Me and Lexi! I loved my tent set up and hope I can be with some of the same girls next year!

Lexi wouldn't scoot in for the photo so she got a personal one!

This is still day 1 and this was taken on hike try 2! There was just such beautiful scenery on the hike and so many flowers right by the trail. I learned several new flowers that day!

Day 2 we got to go to a fun little place where you get to zip line to prepare you for it and for some extra fun you go to stations. First station onto the wood piece!
We had like 15people on this tiny little platform. Here's how we had to cross it!

That is Madison being swung over that small little log that if we touched we died. The story was that we were pirates being thrown of the plank but had a chance to come onto a platform in the water you had to swing over to the side of the platform then get on make room for another person to get on and not even fall!

Here is Keisha swinging onto the platform to join us!

Squished on the little platform is Lexi and me! Sorry the picture isn't the best there was no room on that thing!

About 15 people on and we are off to station 2! In this station we had to line up on a long log to shortest to tallest! I am a little shrimp and you can barely see me on the end. We all were told to just stand on the log so we did then the leader told us to get shortest to tallest, without getting of the log! It was a mess but we finally made it.

From the tallest end. To... the shortest end! Madison and I say Hello!

Everyone was in line and now off to station 3! Thinking nothing could stump us now; we were in a big surprise when we saw rocks and were told we just had to not touch any of them and get to the other side! Easy enough until she pulled out the blindfolds! We had to get a partner and one of us was blindfolded and on the opposite side why the other was going to call out where we should move. Sounded easy enough until we find out it is a race and everyone is going at the same time.

Everyone was just screaming out instructions you could barely here who was your partner! We stumbled over the rocks and made it to the other side! Oh, when you were in the lead the leaders of course had to make it even harder! They would start a conversation with you and tell you to step where there were rocks and would make it impossible basically.

After we all finally made it, off to the real stuff! Time to zip line!!!!

I forgot to take a photo of the rock wall you had to climb up to get to the zip line it was like 40 ft long and so so scary at one point there is no firm placements and everything is loose! Once you finally made it up you were hooked to another belt and had to wait for your turn. While I was waiting I learned I had a slight fear of heights! When it was my turn I stood on the platform for several moments then took off!
Here I am having the time of my life. I loved it! I held on the whole time out of shock!

Coming down! I loved it so much and hope to do it again!

I didn't take any more photos I kind of forget about the camera in all the fun I had! We went swimming on the 3rd day and the place was amazing the water was heated, had a huge water slide, and a obstacle course that floated on the water. I am a little water bug and had a blast on everything!

I had such a great time while I was there and built up my testimony a lot in all the scripture reading I got to do! I loved loved loved girls camp and can't wait to go back!
And here's Miss Alyssa home, showered and clean, with Johnny who missed her very much! (As did we all. I was very glad to get my baby home and under my own roof. I'm so glad she had a great time.)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

"Hog" Heaven

It's not the Fourth of July without a few fireworks.

Quin, Natalie, and Cameron got to visit over the 4th and since I was in Bear Lake for most of it, we made sure we went over for an evening of fun.

Cute little Cameron wasn't scared of the sparklers at all.

My mom's neighbor raises and sells hedgehogs. He came over after the fireworks party with a couple of babies to show to my kids.

My kids were in love.

Much begging and pleading to have one. (Sorry kids, this mom has enough pets for the time being.)

But seriously, is this not the cutest little thing?! So adorable.

Prickly, but adorable!