Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bear Lake with Roomies

The weekend of the 4th we went to Bear Lake with my college roomies. We stayed at Jennie and Adam's family cabin and had a great weekend full of fun. We spent a day on the lake, took multiple 4 wheeler rides, and visited Minnetonka Cave. It's always so much fun to get back together with my two best friends from college (Jennie and Jennifer). We forget that we're grown women with husbands and children, and giggle all night long like we're 19 again. Fun times!

It's so fun to see our kids getting to know each other and become dear friends. Jennie and I are now neighbors and our kids are the best of friends (Who knew that'd happen back when we were 15? CRAZY!) and when Fur brings her kids into the mix, they all just play like they've always known each other. I hardly even saw these boys all weekend long. They had a great time just being boys and running wild.

Meal times are always an adventure with the whole lot of us. Don't know what I saw, heard, or maybe smelled, but looks like it was horrifying.

The kids (and Ryan) had a great time on tubes.

Fun times on the boat!

We tubed and tubed until our hearts were content.

Some of us took time to catch a little snooze.

Then Jennie took a turn driving the boat so Adam could show us all how to surf.

Jarom gave it a go and had a blast.

Then it was time to give the kids a taste. They each took a turn just hanging onto the back of the boat. By the time we were done with this, I was seasick (surprise!) and so was poor little Jacob. Thank goodness getting on land took care of mine, but poor Jacob was sick for the rest of the night.

Kate just chillin' on the way back to the dock.

The next day we took a drive up to Minnetonka Cave.

We had to wait for a couple of hours for our time slot to go into the cave, so we decided to picnic at a campground in the mean time. We're lucky no one got carried off by the mosquitoes. They were SO thick!

The cave was great inside. A LOT of stairs, (which I managed to fall up, pulling a "Flintstone" in an effort to save my shins), and a little chilly, but we enjoyed it. "Minnetonka" means "falling water" and this cave has a rain shower fall inside it. Really neat to see.

Alyssa LOVES to ride 4 wheelers. Jarom's so good to let her practice her driving skills.

The whole gang (minus the photographer, Ryan) at the top of the hill with the beautiful lake behind us.


CB said...

That looks like a blast!!
And getting together with old roommates and being able to now get your families together is WAY COOL!!!

Lee Ann said...

I love seeing these pics every year of you all getting together! Such fun!

becky ward said...

looks like a great time!