Monday, July 25, 2011

Mimi's Baby Shower

Time for a baby shower! I had such fun working on the diaper cake for my sister (and soon to be baby Josie). It turned out just the way I was hoping, nice and simple and darling -if I do say so myself.

The gift corner grew out of control! :) The little bassinet you can see hidden in the middle, was the one my dad used as a baby. We thought it made a cute decoration.

The crowd had to sit 3 and 4 deep. It was a huge shower and a huge success. Emily got some really cute stuff.

We had to play the string game of course. Love to see how big (or small) everyone's guesses were. My grandma's guess wrapped Emily twice and then some. So funny.

My cousin's little baby, Bridgette, had to model some of the cute stuff little Josie-pants got. She is going to be one dolled up baby girl!

A big Thank You to Bryon's sister Amie, my mom, my sisters-in-law Deidra and Natalie, and my cousin Larissa for all helping with the shower and making it a great success.


becky ward said...

WOW! that's a lot of people. looks like you did a great job!