Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Year 2013

So for whatever reason, I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon.  Not just a little fall, but like fell off, rolled into the ditch, and got left behind by the wagon.  My entire 2013.....NOTHING, I have written not one thing about an entire year!  It makes me so very sad.  I love so much to read what our family has done over the years.  And so, I am going to only hit the highlights over the next few posts in an attempt to get caught up and jump back on that wagon.  It's been so long since I've posted anything, that blogger has even changed things up.  So be patient, I may get things all out of order as I try to figure it all out again.  Also, a lot of 2013 pics are on my phone, so quality is probably going to be poor.  But something is better than nothing, right?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Merry Christmas From Us to You

 We decided to give our new camera a try for a family picture for Christmas cards.  I got the brilliant idea that I wanted an outdoor "wintery" look.

 Oh!  It was SOOOOOO cold and windy!

 Halle's face says it all.

 Man, that wind, it just wouldn't give up.

 But the kids put on their brave faces and we got a a few cute shots.



(And I have no idea why Kate didn't get a solo shot. She was probably running around 900 miles an hour trying to stay warm and never slowed down to get a photo done.)

 A family can only take so much picture taking before tempers start to flare.  Alyssa's look of annoyance is SO funny to me.  Haha!

 This is the one we chose to put on the Christmas cards this year.
 Merry Christmas from the Manwarings!

December Part 2

 Manwaring Family Nativity



December Recap Part 1

 Kate and her carpool buddy Emily.


Brand new Victorian Village Ward, first ever ward party: Mr's Claus' Kitchen Breakfast.

 Time with cousins.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Kate turns 7!

Can you believe "whoooooo" is 7?!  It really is just CRAZY to me.   

 There are not a lot of girls Kate's age that she knows.  She is in spectrum class so there are only a total of 4 1st grade girls in the entire class.  Kate's party was just a small group, but they had a good time. We partied at Blast Off and the girls ran wild.  Just like 7 year olds should do.

This girl loves a new pair of boots!

It was a little difficult to decide what to get Kate this year.  She has inherited all the girls hand me down toys, she has just about everything in the world.  And she thinks she is 14 not 7, so she told me all she wanted for her b-day was clothes.  But we surprised her with a Squinkie Mansion and I think the look on her face in the above picture says we did a good job.  I guess she does enjoy being a little girl after all. :)

 Happy Birthday Kate-Kate! Our little "pink caboose" is a spunky little fire cracker.  She is ALWAYS on the go and it's always at 100 miles per hour.  She's got sass enough to spare and a hot little temper and a serious case of curiosity that sometimes leads to trouble. She is fiercely loyal to her opinions and there is not a thing anyone can do to change that.  She loves to color, read, do math, wrestle, wrestle some more, and play barbies.  She becomes extremely shy around people she doesn't know and either won't say a word at all, or runs her mouth non-stop.  You never know what this kid is going to say. She always keeps us laughing.

We are constantly getting told we look a lot a like and when I look back at my kid pictures I definitely can see some similarities.  I think it is such a compliment to be told I look like beautiful Kate. Kate keeps us on our toes and is the perfect little ending to family.  We love her very much!

Halle turns 12!

 The cell phone rule at our house is that you get one when you turn 12.  Halle has not so patiently waited for her 12th birthday for a LOOOOONNNG time.  She was SO excited to finally get a phone.  And I have to be honest, I was too.  It has eased a lot of her anxiety to know she can call me and vice versa when needed.

 Halle is certainly growing up.  She didn't really want a party this year.  Not even a cake.  She just wanted to go ice skating with her friends.  So that is what we did.

 There were a couple of falls, but really, they all skated great and for most of them it was their first time.

 Afterwards, we went to Kiwi Loco for frozen yogurt and opened a few presents.  It was very low key and easy peasy for me!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Halle! Halle is our most affectionate child.  You can always count on a hug and squeeze from her. The closer she can be to you, the better.  She loves to laugh, and can find the funny in just about anything.  She is a sensitive soul and wears her emotions on her sleeve.  Her spit fire temper still shows itself once in a while, but she does a good job at keeping herself in check.  She is doing a good job at being able to help babysit for me once in a while.  Being alone is not her favorite thing, so I know she does it to help me and I love her for that. She is becoming a wonderful artist and loves to doodle and draw. She has been working so hard on her grades this year and got her first straight A report card.  We are SO proud of her and all the hard work she puts into everything in her life.  We love you Halle, our family would not be complete without you!

Happy Halloween!

This year Kate  chose to be a flamenco dancer, Carter was a BYU football player (along with his buddy Harrison), Halle was an 80's girl (but she kept saying she was a hippy), and Alyssa decided she was too old to trick-or-treat, but wore her swim gear to the Halloween Party.  Halle got to go off by herself with friends this year, Alyssa had friends over for movies and treats, and I took the little kids around the neighborhood, and they made a haul in the candy department.

Alyssa Turns 14!

 The big event for Alyssa was her 14th birthday!  She was upgraded from a regular cell phone to a smart phone, and boy was she excited!

 Man, she just looks SO grown up in this picture.  Such a teenager!  How did this happen???

 We also gave her her very own riding helmet.  She was having to borrow one at the barn and really hated using somebody else's helmet.  Who knew a funny looking helmet could make a girl happy? :)

 She chose to make carmel apples with her friends for her party.

 Obligatory friend shot. What a good bunch of girls these are.

 And then they went off the the haunted forest.

They had so much fun, they had to go twice.

Happy Birthday to my dear Alyssa!  She is such a great kid.  Always dependable, responsible, perfectionate, and very very smart.  Never needs encouraging to get homework finished, in fact we sometimes have to do the opposite and tell her to chill a little.  She's a pretty no-nonsense kid, but still knows how to find some fun in life. She really has her head on straight and knows exactly what she wants, and what she expects from life.  I think that is such a strong attribute of her personality.  We love you Alyssa, and are so glad you are part of our family!

Toe Shoes

A big event for Halle happened in October.  She finally got fitted for toe shoes.  We went to this little shop that had boxes and boxes and boxes of shoes.  She tried on A LOT of shoes, different brands, different shapes, different hardness, etc.  Until the right shoe was found.  I seriously felt like I was in Harry Potter and the wand shop.  You don't choose the shoe, the shoe chooses you. :)

Provo Canyon

 We stayed in Utah for the weekend after the BYU game.  We took a drive through Provo Canyon while listening to Conference on Saturday.  The colors were absolutely gorgeous.  Cameras never seem to quite capture the brilliance of Fall, but let me tell you, I felt like I was driving through a painting.  We had to stop and get a few family shots.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


The first weekend of October we decided to get a group of friends together and tailgate for a BYU football game.  The Treasures, Traynors, Englemans, and Smiths all joined us for a little parking lot party.  We grilled some chicken and ate treats while we waited for the game to start.  We had beautiful weather, a little chilly, but beautiful still the same.

This was Kate's very first BYU game. Usually Jarom takes each kid individually for their first time, but since we own 3 season tickets, Jarom and Carter and the Smith boys sat in our usual seats, and the girls sat in different seats.  I tried my best to make it a great time for Kate, but I think sitting by her animated dad will still be a better experience.  But we still managed to have some fun singing, dancing, cheering, and eating Cougar Tails. :)

Uncle Brandon scored some field passes and took Carter and Jarom down on the field to meet the players and cheerleaders.  I'm not sure, but I think the big boys might have been more excited than Carter, but still he felt like a VIP.  Thanks Uncle Brandon!