Monday, January 28, 2013

Kate turns 7!

Can you believe "whoooooo" is 7?!  It really is just CRAZY to me.   

 There are not a lot of girls Kate's age that she knows.  She is in spectrum class so there are only a total of 4 1st grade girls in the entire class.  Kate's party was just a small group, but they had a good time. We partied at Blast Off and the girls ran wild.  Just like 7 year olds should do.

This girl loves a new pair of boots!

It was a little difficult to decide what to get Kate this year.  She has inherited all the girls hand me down toys, she has just about everything in the world.  And she thinks she is 14 not 7, so she told me all she wanted for her b-day was clothes.  But we surprised her with a Squinkie Mansion and I think the look on her face in the above picture says we did a good job.  I guess she does enjoy being a little girl after all. :)

 Happy Birthday Kate-Kate! Our little "pink caboose" is a spunky little fire cracker.  She is ALWAYS on the go and it's always at 100 miles per hour.  She's got sass enough to spare and a hot little temper and a serious case of curiosity that sometimes leads to trouble. She is fiercely loyal to her opinions and there is not a thing anyone can do to change that.  She loves to color, read, do math, wrestle, wrestle some more, and play barbies.  She becomes extremely shy around people she doesn't know and either won't say a word at all, or runs her mouth non-stop.  You never know what this kid is going to say. She always keeps us laughing.

We are constantly getting told we look a lot a like and when I look back at my kid pictures I definitely can see some similarities.  I think it is such a compliment to be told I look like beautiful Kate. Kate keeps us on our toes and is the perfect little ending to family.  We love her very much!


becky ward said...

happy birthday beautiful kate! and that cake is just fantastic!

Lee Ann said...

I loved hearing about your Kate! Happy Birthday!

Our Family said...

You are both lovely! You guys do such fun things, thanks for sharing.

Grammy said...

When I scrolled down to the picture of you and Kate, I could only see the foreheads and thought to myself, "Look, at those matching foreheads."

Kristen B. said...

Happy Birthday beautiful!