Sunday, January 27, 2013

Smith Family Reunion

 We also had our very first official Smith Family Reunion.  We decided to hold it at my parent's house.  They built a nice big home so that we could all fit under the same roof, and we've never really taken advantage of that. 

 We had GPS treasure hunt where we found treasure to spend later.

 Plenty of good times.  The one thing I don't have a picture of is our picnic at the park.  Dad took us all on the bus, and Uncle Quin and Aunt Natalie helped us make our very own individual sodas.  Oh boy is dry ice fun.
We built and launched bottle rockets.  Then the adults had a good time putting the leftover dry ice to good use. Nothing like a few dry ice bombs to get a few laughs.

 It was fun to be able to all sleep at the same house.

 Aunt Deidra did a fantastic job with the concessions stand for our movie party.  We used the loot we found on the treasure hunt to purchase our movie treats. The kids LOVED this.

CRAZY Smith kids! It was a fun and successful reunion. Next time we hope Aunt Mimi and Uncle Bryon can make it.


becky ward said...

what a fun day to find/earn "loot" and use it for a concessions stand. love that!