Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sad Day

August ended with a few, okay a lot, of tears from my kiddos. Our neighbors, the Fruths, decided to take a change of employment and move far far away to Tennessee. Oh man did I have sad kids!  The Fruths moved into the neighborhood just couple of years ago, but they quickly became an everyday part of our lives. Our kids lined up just perfect, girl, girl, boy, girl (and then their family continues on after that), and these kids just immediately became the best of friends. It was a sad sad day when we had to say goodbye and watch them drive away.

Savannah and Halle understood each other's humor and spent hours laughing with each other.

Logan and Carter could play legos and computer games for hours on end.

Kate and Madison (who we call Beebs) were the best baby, barbie, house playing friends ever.

And Alyssa and Sierra really were two peas in a pod.  Both the most responsible, intelligent, animal loving, fun girls ever.  What a great pairing they were.

The whole crew that was in and out of the front door, back door, garage door, everyday, all day long. Trying to make some silly faces to keep the tears at bay.

Seriously, I'm writing this post almost 5 months since this day, and I'm still tearing up.  I really miss seeing these blond little kids running through my house.