Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kate's Bags

Every girl needs a purse. Some just need bigger purses than others.

This is Kate's latest. She sneaks into my cupboard and stills all my big bags. Shopping bags, gift bags, any bag with a handle she can sling over her shoulder.

Then she fills it to capacity with every toy, baby doll, hair thing, lotion bottle, barbie accessory, stuffed animal she can find and totes it around all day long. I'm not even sure she has toys on her shelves anymore, they've all been stuffed into bags.

I'd say she was silly, but I remember being a big bag loving girl myself once upon a time. (I searched and searched but could not find any pictures of myself with my ginormous bags, that carried everything but the kitchen sink in my high school days. Can you believe I don't have any pictures of my bags?! A tragedy really.)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Soccer Sub Needed

This weekend my kids had sleepovers with cousins. Kate went to Brylee's while Kayson and Liberty came to our house. I have to admit, it was very strange for me to have all my kids (plus some) but not Kate. I really missed her. But she had a great time without me, so I guess it's all good.

Anyway, late Friday night, Carter's soccer coach sent an email letting us know the team would be short 4 players and if anyone had a friend willing to play, to please bring them to the game the next day. So we found Kayson some shin guards, shared jerseys between players and goalies, and had a cousin on the team for a day.It really was a hoot to watch those two boys playing ball together. I had a great time cheering them on.

The cheering squad.

Tag team! Take it all the way down Blue Champions!

Nice save Kayson!

Last week Carter came really close to several goals, but never made one. So, thinking this would be similar to last week's game, I told him (and Kayson) that I'd pay a dollar for every goal he made. (My dad used to do this for us when we were kids. Yah....I made a, my entire soccer career.) Something happened in Carter's brain between last Saturday and today. The kid was on goal FIRE I tell ya! Five goals later from Carter and two from Kayson (who I'm sure would have made more had he not played goalie for a quarter) and my wallet was empty.
Go Carter Go!

Final score: Champions 9 Green Dragons 0 (Poor little Dragons.)

Friday, April 23, 2010

I Need a Goat

Jarom's cousin Marci was babysitting a baby pygmy goat for the day. I couldn't help myself, I had to rush over and see it. I don't know what it is about goats, pygmy's in particular, but I ADORE them. I've always wanted a goat.

See how tiny she was, that's just your average lawn rake behind her. So little, she was like a cat. ADORABLE!!

My city kids had a heyday playing in the chicken coop. (Kate called it the "chicken's hut". I've since told her it is a "coop" she now calls it the "chicken poop".)

Such a novelty to play with the chickens.

Hey Carter, there's something on your back.

Awwww....look at those cute kids.

I'm not sure if the kids or I had more fun. I think maybe it was me. :) I really want a goat! Think my neighbors would mind? ;)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Grandma Eva Turns 92

Back in March we celebrated 92 years with Jarom's grandma. I've never known a more healthy, spunky old woman in my life. She only seems to get stronger with the years. And we are happy to have so much time with her, and hope for many more years to celebrate.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The rest of Spring Break

It is so time for me to finish up this spring break stuff. We took the kids to a little farm museum/place and paid for them to ride a horse. They were SO excited, until they realized that the "horse" was really a pony, and the ride consisted of a circle. So strange to me that I have to pay for my kids to have a ride on a horse. My growing up years, I lived on horses all summer long. They were my neighbor's, but they let us ride whenever we wanted. My kids sure will have different childhood memories than mine.

After the "pony-go-round" we decided to get some ice cream. There's just something about sitting at the soda fountain isn't there? Makes everyone happy.

Then just to be sure everyone had enough sugar for the day, we decided to visit Hatch Family Chocolates in Salt Lake and see TLC's famous Little Chocolatiers. They were there alright, working away. I highly recommend the peanut butter truffle chocolate. Yummy....

And after all that fun, it was time for the long drive back home. Dinner was served in route (Taco Time Drive Thru) and resulted in Alyssa and Halle fighting because they had to share a fork. Jarom got fed up with it and said, "Why are you fighting? You're both Manwarings and have the same germs, so just get over it and knock it off." The next day, Kate was eating an apple and Johnny (the dog) tried to get it out of her hands. She came crying to me and said, "Mom, Johnny licked my apple, and he doesn't have Manwaring lips." LOLL!!

We also took the kids swimming over spring break where MUCH to my surprise, I learned that Halle can swim. She has never so much as done the back float across a pool, but this day, decided to jump in the deep end (13 ft) and swim across the pool to pass the diving board test. She did it alright, while her mother all but had a coronary across the room. Who knew???! She sure surprised me, and then spent the rest of the time jumping off the diving board. Go Halle! (This is the way Halle does things, all or nothing. I should have learned that when she started to walk. Never having shown signs that she was ready (no furniture cruising, or solo standing), just one day walked all the way across the room. She potty trained the same way. Decided she was ready, took her own diaper off, hopped on the potty and was good to go.)

The funny thing is, is that I had just signed all the kids up for swim lessons. I had put Halle in the same class as Carter. She obviously doesn't need to be in that class now, but she's being a good sport and staying there as Carter NEEDS her with him for moral support. I mean, this is the kid that will plug his ears with his middle fingers and his nose with his thumbs (at the same time) when he jumps in water. (Really hilarious!) His first day of lessons ended with him in tears. It's still a little scary for him, but he gets better every time.

And this, I think officially ends our spring break report. Whew....I got it all in. Now we've got soccer, swim lessons, piano, and dance going on. The rat race begins.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Make Over - Help Me Please!

So I've been busy lately. Busy giving my rooms a make over. I've been TERRIFIED to paint. I'm so afraid I'll hate what I do and the thought of redoing it just overwhelms me beyond anything. But then my neighbor had a moving sale (more on my NEW neighbor later) and I bought her couch. I was so excited about a new piece of furniture in the room that it inspired me enough to buy some paint. This time I decide that I was going to go big or go home.

Here's the family room wall before any color. I can't seem to find a kitchen picture from before, probably because the kitchen is always a disaster and never picture-take-able, but the same cream color was throughout everything.

The kitchen got a nice red above the cupboards. I've been wanting a red kitchen for YEARS, but I was too afraid of the color. I finally got brave and I'm SO glad I did. I absolutely love my red. (Let's just hope I don't gain a million pounds as I've heard red stimulates the appetite!)

The family room got a nice coat of chocolate brown. This was ULTRA scary to me. I even had nightmares about it and the morning after it was done, I was determined to repaint it. But it grew on me.

Here's a view from the kitchen to the family room, complete with dishes in the sink, paint supplies all over the place, and Mimzy plopped right in front of the fire place. I would love a fun vinyl saying over the pantry door. Anyone got a cute idea?

The berry picture....sigh...the poor berry picture. It had a green frame, which I hated with the brown, so I painted it red to match the kitchen and then I REALLY hated it. I am SO bad at decorating. I just haven't known what to do. Going out and buying all brand new things is not in the budget at this point in time.

Here's how far I've gotten with what I have in the house to work with. The clock looks lonely, but I have no idea what to add to it. It also needs new hands, but I like how it ties the white "family" into the other side of the room. Suggestions on what you would add? I do want a little more color, and plan on adding more colorful pillows to the couch. Anyone have an idea of what and how to add color to the wall by the clock? And how about that couch? I am in LOVE with it!

Now what to do with the nook? And someday, that table will be replaced by a square table with dining chairs each a different color. Pottery Barn used to have the table I want, but I can't find it anymore.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Boy Scout Award

Last night we all went to support my Dad.

It was the Silver Beaver Recognition night for the Boy Scouts. The Silver Beaver Award is given to adult leaders who have made an impact on youth through their service and dedication to the scouting program.

And my dad was a recipient.

I can't think of anyone who deserves this achievement more than my dad. He has been a part of scouting ever since I can remember.

Congratulations Dad, you deserved this!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

New Meds

So this is something I've not talked about on my blog before because it is a little private. But I am deciding to share it today just in case any of you may benefit from it.

Our little Kate has never, I repeat, NEVER, had a dry day in her life. She has consistent dry nights, but never dry days. She doesn't have full blown wet your pants accidents, but she is NEVER dry either. And she has to go the bathroom all of the time. I'm not exaggerating when I say she has to go every 30 minutes and sometimes more often. You can imagine all our frustrations. Trips are a nightmare, play dates are a no go, dance classes are impossible, going to the park a horror, not to mention the embarrassment involved for her and I, and the laundry....ay-yi-yi.

She potty trained quite early, a little before she was 2, and I've just always chalked the wet problem up to her not being quite developed in the muscle area. It wasn't a battle of wills to get her to the potty, she just absolutely could not hold it in. But now she is 4 1/2 and should NOT still be having accidents. Not just accidents, but no control period.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I took her to the doctor, he ran a couple of tests and did an x-ray, all which came out normal. But THANK GOODNESS he listened to me and understood that I wasn't dealing with an age issue. (I did have to press just a little, but he listened.) I've potty trained 4 kids now and the difference between frequent learning accidents and Kate's issue was pretty severe. It was something more serious. We decided to put her on some bladder relaxants (Oxybutynin) and can I just say HALLELUJAH!!!

I have a different child. She wore the same pair of pants two days in a row for the first time EVER in her life. I can go to the grocery store and actually finish without wet panties or tears, I can go for longer drives without worrying about my truck seat, and she is so excited to feel like a big girl. Now, she can actually wait until her bladder is full to empty it. Where before, she was tinkling little bits ALL. THE. TIME. I think she held it 3 hours yesterday with zero problems. This is a life changing thing for us and I couldn't be more happy.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Break More Bits

Halle just can't get enough of Collin. Well, any baby for that matter. And lucky for her, we got to spend the night and have some one on one with baby Collin. She was in absolute HEAVEN. Thanks Emmy and Brandon for letting her love on him.

We also got to celebrate Emily's birthday! The Birthday Fairy even found her house during the night and I am hearing that the Utah Fairy pays $$$ to assistant fairies!! Poor Brandon, I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into when he asked Alyssa and Halle to help decorate. They covered that place in streamers and balloons.

Then it was time to say goodbye and head over to Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Ancient Life. What a GREAT place! We had never been before, but it was well worth it. If you've not been, and live nearby, I highly recommend it. My kids stayed entertained for hours. (I apologize about the photo qualities. The lighting freaked my little point and shoot out.)

Look out girls, there's a dinosaur behind you!

"I've got my eye on you! Well, I would have, had I any eyes!"

We caught a 3D show of Oceanlife, with no scary parts so my kids were fine. It was so funny to see them all trying to grab the fish as they'd swim by.

Just about nothing more fun than water and sand for this little girl. Well, maybe bugs and definitely babies, but Halle was content as could be at this station.

We played in the sand/water exhibit.

And played.

And would have played all night long except for someone called it quits.

Believe it or not, this cute little stinkpot was the first one finished playing in the water. Don't know what her deal was. So we finished up and then went on to do another fun thing. Tune in later to read more about that.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

I absolutely LOVE it when Easter falls on Conference Weekend. There really is nothing better than relaxing at home, celebrating with family, all while listening to our beloved Prophet and leaders instruct and inspire us.

I feel spiritually fed and renewed as I remember my Savior and hear the testimony of my church leaders bearing witness to his existence.

I feel physically full too as we made Resurrection Rolls except ours didn't quite turn out as pretty as these. (I ate a pb Reeses egg for breakfast too. My all time favorite Easter food.) And will soon enjoy a delicious ham and potato dinner at my parent's.

And we also enjoy celebrating with a little fun from the Easter Bunny. (Who left us flip flops and sunglasses, for a cold and snowy Easter morn.)

The kids pulling their best "cool" face all while lipsticked in Robin Eggs.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter too!!