Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring Break Bits part 2

Easter Egg Hunts and Kite Flying
Get Ready, Set, Go!

Carter counting his eggs.

Then enjoying "hatching" those counted eggs.

The big kids were a little more competitive (even though each kid got exactly 8 eggs). I think Aunt Missy forgot she wasn't a big kid. :)

Halle required a boost from Papa.

Halle with her 8 eggs.

The best part is cousin time! Megan, Alyssa, Sami,

Ogden, Carter, Jamis

Micah, Payson, Melissa

Let's go fly a kite!

And get some stuck in the tree. Poor Aunt Natty.

The men had a brilliant idea to tie all the kites together and see just how high they could go. Silly big boys.

After all that hard work of kite flying and Easter egging, the Manwaring men required a nap!


Wendy said...

That shot of the kites was pretty cool, Elena. Love the picture of all the guys crashed on the floor, too.
Such fun springtime activities!

becky ward said...

oh those men. they will crash anywhere. but, it is pretty impressive that jarom actually took the time to find a pillow and blanket. (; i love the picture of missy and her boys and the one of ogden, carter, and jamis. CUTE!