Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bits And Pieces from Spring Break

I'm going to post Spring Break in several bits, we've had fun so far, and there is more to come I'm sure. Besides, I've been such a dud about posting lately, this is sure to guarantee more posts within the next few days.

We started off with driving to Utah for Collin's baby blessing. We had a little bit of time to spare before church started and we had been in the car all morning. So we burned off some energy at the park. It was such a pretty day and SO nice for everyone to be able to play outside. I think our kids were shocked; it's not every day that I say, "Go play on the toys in your church clothes."


The toy was much more fun when used this way.



The girls are all about a good pose and asked me to take their picture sitting atop the monkey bars.

Even Dad enjoyed the sunshine.

Jarom and I sat and laughed at our 20 chins while trying to get a decent self portrait shot of ourselves. Then it was off to the church house and afterwards, dinner at Brandon and Emily's to celebrate with Collin.

Adorable Collin who didn't make a peep during his blessing. Such a sweet baby he is.

Emily had set Collin's blessing shoes and certificate on her shelf. I thought it looked too cute to pass up for a picture.

The happy little family.


Lee Ann said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait to see what else you did. We're just learning to waddle like ducks in all this rain!

Mama Williams said...

I would love some of that sunshine today! It's our fist day of Spring break and we have several inches of new snow and more falling! Yuck! I want sun, flowers, and green grass. I suppose it will be an indoor easter egg hunt this year. Have a great vacation!

Wendy said...

"Play in your church clothes"? Wow. You are the coolest mom evah!

What a fun day at the park, and with family. ♥

LouandAngela said...

I LIKE your self portrait! Your hair looks so long and pretty!