Thursday, March 04, 2010

Little Collin B.

Brandon and Emily didn't get to join us in the fun at the cabin this year. Why?
Because this little man was sure to come any day. We all have been waiting for a VERY long time to meet little Collin. He is a modern day miracle baby and we are so happy that he is here. Congratulations to Brandon and Emily who have waited patiently for this little guy to arrive.
And this picture makes me ULTRA jealous because I still haven't seen Collin yet, but Jarom has. Totally not fair!

Now, a funny from Kate. She adores Brandon (not a kid on this planet who doesn't), and she must have noticed that she hasn't seen him for a long time. They moved to UT not too long ago plus they weren't at the cabin. So Kate said to me, "Mom, Did Bwandon die?" LOL!! Oh, it was so pathetically cute. I told her no, that he and Emily moved to UT (remember?) and they just had new baby Collin (remember?). She said, " Ohhhhhh! So that's why. They had to get married!" LOL!! Hmmm...not quite, but close.


CB said...

Darling baby and such a sweet conversation. Kids are so great!!

I also love that you wrote out her pronunciation - You will adore having that when she is grown!

Nichole said...

Elena! You have valentine's day background. So unlike you to neglect your blog. HA HA HA adorable baby. Miracle?!? Scoop me

Lee Ann said...

what a sweetie! Hope you get your hands on him soon!