Sunday, March 21, 2010

Singing Time Sundays - HIde the "Prophet"

Okay so today was just one of those days that starts out with a dose of Excedrin and being EXTREMELY late to church. I was so frazzled and late that I didn't have time to get my Latter Day Prophets pictures hung on the board before singing time. I wanted to teach/relearn "Latter Day Prophets" and also work on the Pres. Monson verse of "Follow the Prophet." I usually have a cardstock music note in my binder which we use to play "hide the note", but of course today it had gone missing. So instead I used a little plastic figurine of Nephi -it worked.

We played "hide the prophet" to reinforce "Follow the Prophet". You know the good ol' standby game - someone hides the item, the kids sing loud if the finder is near, and soft if the finder is far away. My primary LOVES this game and would play it every week if I let them. That went over fine. Then it was time to learn Latter Day Prophets.

I'm just going to say that it was a bit of a disaster for jr. What I had wanted to do was have the pictures up and then let the kids put the names of each prophet up as we learned the song. But like I said, I was too late to get them hung, so I was scrambling trying to hang the pictures, find the names of the prophets, keep singing, include the kids, and get everything in the right order. Yah....I totally lost the little kids but with the help of one of the counselors we got it done.

Senior primary went over MUCH more smoothly. I already had the pictures up so all the kids had to do was match the names and put them in order. (Plus they already sort of know the song.) As we learned it, I removed the names of the prophets a few at a time until there were no names left. The song is so fun, the kids don't mind singing it several times in a row. (As a side note, to place emphasis on the rest that comes after "Latter Day Prophets are REST number one..." I have the kids clap. They love it.)


Tonya said...

What a cute idea. You really do a great job! Callie's people would be proud!

The Wolfs said...

Xan came home and told me how much fun he had and that they learned about a prophet with the last name of snow and smith and he just kept going. WE had a GREAT dinner conversation of the prophets and it reminded me that i need to teach him of the prophets of old so that is our fhe tonight! I think you did a rocking great job as i have never seen him come home so excited from church in a while!