Friday, March 05, 2010


A very happy boy who finally knows he 6!

Leany leany cake. Don't topple over before the party starts!

Lego box prop up to the rescue.

Yesterday was Carter's birthday party....not to be confused with his birth date. And even though he had a blast, there will NEVER again be a little boy party with 10 party goers in my house ever again. For one thing, my kids don't ever need that many gifts at one time again and for another thing, little boys are a whole new experience as far as birthday parties go. Girls.....girls will sit and play the planned party games. Yes, they'll squeal and such, but it is NOTHING like boys. I sure had my eyes opened!

Ten little boys, screaming, shouting, fighting, gun shooting, running, punching, jumping off the stairs, wrestling, ball throwing, tennis racket smacking, depantsing, throw in a pair of siblings squabbling, some tears, and a pouter who did his own thing, and you have Carter's party.

I tried to do organized games, but somehow every single one turned into "wrestle your neighbor and yell a primal scream at the top of your lungs". It was the most wild thing I have ever witnessed. At one point, I turned to my mom and said, "If someone doesn't leave here with a bloody nose or a broken arm, it'll be a miracle."

Look how red in the face they are. Man, they ran themselves ragged. The presents were a hit.

I almost hesitate to post this picture, but I honestly can NOT get over the gifts Carter received. Does this look like a toy store or what??!! Insane amount of goods. Even a $20 bill from one friend! I am such a cheap gift giver.

The rowdy crowd. They're a cute bunch, but from here on out, this mom can only handle a few of them together at a time.

Told you there would be a bloody nose. Poor little girl thought she could keep up with that many rough and tumble boys.

Blow out the candles, make a wish, and hope the next 15 minutes go by quickly until moms come to pick up the friends (well, that was my wish anyway, I doubt it was his).


Gina said...

Poor Kate!
My 10 year old boy had an all ages/gender birthday party, and the big kids kept the little ones in line. For the last few years, my 12 3/4 year old has opted for a friend or two and an experience instead of 10 friends and a party. I like that choice.

Key word? OUTSIDE. (We have been having 50* days)

CB said...

I love the huge smile in the first picture - What a ham and a cutie!!
The Lego cake and party looks so fun - it is a great theme!!!

Happy Birthday!

Lee Ann said...

Oh man! They are SO different aren't they! Glad you all survived - with no ER visits!

and....I'm a cheap gift giver too! I just think they don't need all that stuff :) Call me crazy!

Tonya said...

Poor Kate! Boy have I seen that same sad face. It is amazing how much her and Callie look alike.

Happy Birthday Carter. I love the Cake... It is too cute!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Even with girls...I will never do a huge party like that and learn! Besides the are so right about way too many gifts. Madalyn was at a party recently where the birthday girl got 5 webkinz. That is so not what I need...more stuffed animals in my house. (I am most thankful that the girls appear to be about over that stuff!)

Brenda said...

Thanks for the heads up, I find myself in a similar situation (2 older girls before the boy.) I will remember this post in April each year when it is time for a party:) Poor Kate, those boys can be scary!! Glad you had a great trip to Island Park. What a fun tradition.

LouandAngela said...

Ha! :) Describes nearly every day of my life with 3 boys! :) I'm still laughing at your description! What a party!

Jane In The Jungle said...

LOL, I too have 4 kids but I've got 3 boys and the 1 I have been blessed with 3 times a year having wild boy year I had 9 boys sleeping over ...and my daughter was an infant...whack. And you're so right about girl parties, so much nicer, quieter.....sigh.

The Wolfs said...

Cute and fun picture but i totally agree with you i think that is why last year we had a family party instead. We have way to many toys and xan's birthday is in oct so too cold to be outside. I think we may venture doing it every other year ~ this year i told him we were going to do service instead of a party he wasn't to sure of that idea and neither am I ~ but it was one of those days and i wasn't about ready to do a count down until oct 11th@
Love the cake way to go!