Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Time

It's been cookie time around this house. Girl Scout cookie time. In order to get a cookie participation badge, Halle needed to sell 30 boxes of cookies. In an effort to get her well on her goal way, I bought 10 boxes myself and then "Manwaring Web" bought 12 more. (Yah....I've tasted every single flavor and I'm avoiding my scale like the plague.) I needn't have worried because she sold over 100 boxes. I personally have eaten so many cookies, that I'm actually sick of them. Never in a million years would I have thought I could say that about girl scout cookies.

After door to door (or rather family and friends) pre-sales, it was time to sit out front of the grocery stores and give people guilt trips as they walked on by. It was a blustery day this day, and a few of the letters on our signs had blown away. Oh well, people still got the point. The girls were pretty excited in the beginning. They had a little chant that they'd yell at every passerby, "Girl Scout Cookies, Get you Girl Scout Cookies! You know you want some!" It was quite hilarious.

By the end of our 3 hour block, the poor girls were frozen. People bought cookies just because they felt bad for our sorry little lot of girl scouts. I snapped this picture out of the blue. There was no posing going on what so ever. Is that not the saddest little group of cookie girls you ever saw? LOL! Right after we got our table cleaned up to go home, a serious snow and wind storm hit.

Can I just say....I'm glad cookie time is over. And can Spring get here yet?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Manwaring Cabin Trip 2011

Last weekend we had our annual snowmobiling/cabin trip with Jarom's family. We stayed at the cabin they used to stay in when they were kids. It was fun to be able to all be under the same roof again, with plenty of room to spread out. My camera died after about 3 pictures so THANKS to everyone for sharing their pictures with me.

All I could do was giggle when Kaylin emailed me this picture off her camera. Halle is such a crack up. I am ALWAYS finding self portraits of her on my camera, apparently she includes them on other's cameras too.

We had great time at the cabin. The cousins LOVED playing outside together!

This big crack in the snow was created by a spraying hose. (Apparently left running so it wouldn't freeze.) The kids thought it was a great place to play. I have to admit, had I been a kid I could have thought up all sorts of games to play in this crevice.

It was nice to have a room with a tv to hook up a wii for the kids that didn't want to play outside. They had a grand time playing Mario Kart and other wii games.

It's always so fun for me to see the new generations of cousins become close friends. Little Izzie and Madalyn are sure to become dear friends.

As are Collin and Spencer. These two cutie patooties had PLENTY of little mommies ready and willing to please their every whim.

The best part about this cabin is the huge meadow out behind it. It was fabulous to let the older kids loose on the sleds while we all sat inside snug as bugs and watched them play around. They all did so great and were so careful driving the snowmobiles. I can't believe we're old enough to have DRIVERS!

The adults had a RIOT playing Minute to Win It, while the older kids entertained the little kids.

Justin was the Ding-Dong stacking master.

Natalie was the only one to get 3 golf balls stacked on each other.

Amber and little Amelia in the tummy -who is due next month, trying to roll an egg around a pizza pan and get stickers to stick to the egg.

I'm telling you this game was so much fun. We laughed until we cried when "junk in the trunk" came up. I'll spare the dignity of our family players and won't post pictures or videos, but they gave a much better show than Kevin Jonas did.

The next morning we awoke to rumors of a huge earth quake and tsunami warnings around the world. We didn't have access to tv stations, but we kept as up to date through our limited internet access as we could. My brother-in-law, Blake, has a brother living in Tokyo, so we would also get updates from Blake's mom. I was not able to fully appreciate the scope of the devastation until I came home and watched the reports on the news. My heart breaks for those suffering.

It's an odd feeling to know that a horrible disaster has occurred and yet be so removed from it that it seems it didn't happen at all. I guess life doesn't stop no matter the event. I still feel guilty in a way, that we were able to continue on with our vacation and have a glorious fun filled time. But with prayers in our hearts, we did take the opportunity to continue our fun.

The girls took a ride up a hill that overlooked Henry's Lake. It was a gorgeous view, but certainly one of the most difficult rides I've been on. Coming down the hill was a wee bit steep and we could only pump our brakes -Becky dubbed it "No Gas Hill". We got stuck in some pretty deep snow a few times, but we all made it home safe and sound and had a lot of fun.

There was plenty of time for kickin' back and relaxing.

Ben and Spencer catching a cat nap.

The thug brothers. Don't they just look like trouble?

Missy and Natalie. I SO wished I looked as cute as Natalie in a stocking cap!

The ladies all took a turn tying a quilt for little Mia. We can't wait to meet her!

A cute picture of Collin and Emily. There was lots of time to play outside on tubes, snowmachines, and sleds.

Natalie ZOOMING down the hill. I love this picture. Nothing like flying down a hill in a sled to bring back the kid in you.

Our family just keeps growing and growing. We're missing Anna in the picture, but the girl cousins had a great time this weekend.

And these boy cousins are a riot to watch play together. Looks like we're missing Wes in this picture.

It's all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out. Okay, not really, but Carter did get his eyebrow split open by a flying Darth Vadar toy. Dr. Brandon bandaged him up and Carter is healing nicely. He keeps asking if he's going to have a "life scar" from it. LOL! If this (and a few fat lips) is the most serious injury received from a weekend on snowmobiles, I'll take it!

We had a wonderful weekend filled with good food, plenty of laughs, and fond memories. My heart is still breaking for Japan and I hope that we can each do our part to do what we can for those people who have lost everything.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Moses and Kaylee Revealed

It is SO beyond time to get this post up!! This event took place clear back in December, but I wasn't allowed to blog about until last Tuesday when the episode of Biggest Loser aired on prime time t.v. We are so proud to call Moses and Kaylee friends and getting to be part of their home reveal was such an AWESOME experience.

Waiting for Moses and Kaylee to enter the house. We all had to be there 30 minutes prior, sign our t.v. waivers, and then just wait with anticipation for them to arrive.

The film crew got several shots of the crowd while we pretended that Moses and Kaylee had entered the house. We were all fired up, chanting and screaming and in they walked. Wow! It was so amazing. They both looked SO fabulous.

Kaylee worked the room like I have never seen before. Even more than her physical transformation was her self confidence overhaul. She was positively glowing and it was something else. I've know sweet Kaylee since she was 12 years old, and I have NEVER seen her shine like she did this night. It was absolutely beautiful.

Lanaya was so happy to have her daddy home for a short 2 week visit. I think Dad might have been a little excited to be home too.

Moses looked years younger and so healthy. We really could honestly SEE the health in his face. What an amazing transformation! He had lost 118 pounds up to this point in only 7 short weeks. So incredible.

This was my favorite moment and picture of the night. Nothing like a hug from your true love to bring tears to everyone's eyes. Anita has been SUCH a trooper through this whole process. She missed Moses and Kaylee greatly, but knows they will all be much better off when this is over.

What an EXCITING night this was!!! GO MOSES and KAYLEE! The Manwarings are behind you ALL the way through this journey.

P.S. While we're on the topic of Reality TV...I am LOVING Americal Idol this year. Get ready because there is deffinitely going to be some Idol posts coming up.

The Skate Party

We clicked a quick picture of the cake while we were still at home. Too bad I didn't have him blow out the candles too. Apparently no candles are allowed in the skating rink. Boo.

I know this shot looks like he's falling, but I'm telling you, this kid can skate AND groove at the same time. It was a riot to watch.

This little girl can skate up a storm too. So fun to see a tiny little thing skating her heart out.

Aunt Mimi even showed us her fancy moves.

He got his very own New Rollerblades!!! Hooray! He let out a squeal that could have rivaled his sisters'. Needless to say, he was ecstatic.

The whole party. Mason, Harrison, Carter, Logan, Luke, Jaxon, James It was the first time for a lot of these little guys to wear a pair of wheels on their feet. There were a lot of falls, but no one cried, and in the end they were all skating away. It was a very successful party.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It's a Big Day for a 7 Year Old!

This kid was tickled pink to have pancakes with candles for breakfast today.

So happy to be 7! Thank goodness he changed his tune overnight. Last night he went to bed in tears because "he didn't want to turn 7 and grow up because he'd have to move out of the house." We assured him he could live with us for as long as he wanted to.

Dressed and ready for school in new clothes! (Honestly, those are brand new pants with the tag still on. Can't believe I paid money for pre-ripped pants.)

He gets a party on Friday at the roller skating rink. He can NOT wait! On a very regular basis he puts on Alyssa's pink, size WAY-too-big-for-Carter rollerblades and skates all around the house. I'm thinking there just might be a new pair of non pink, Carter sized rollerblades in his very near future. :)

I love this kid with every ounce of my being. He always knows when I need a hug or a snuggle or just a little back rub. He's happy and sweet and sour and rowdy and gentle and all things perfect boys should be. Happy Birthday Carter!!!