Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Time

It's been cookie time around this house. Girl Scout cookie time. In order to get a cookie participation badge, Halle needed to sell 30 boxes of cookies. In an effort to get her well on her goal way, I bought 10 boxes myself and then "Manwaring Web" bought 12 more. (Yah....I've tasted every single flavor and I'm avoiding my scale like the plague.) I needn't have worried because she sold over 100 boxes. I personally have eaten so many cookies, that I'm actually sick of them. Never in a million years would I have thought I could say that about girl scout cookies.

After door to door (or rather family and friends) pre-sales, it was time to sit out front of the grocery stores and give people guilt trips as they walked on by. It was a blustery day this day, and a few of the letters on our signs had blown away. Oh well, people still got the point. The girls were pretty excited in the beginning. They had a little chant that they'd yell at every passerby, "Girl Scout Cookies, Get you Girl Scout Cookies! You know you want some!" It was quite hilarious.

By the end of our 3 hour block, the poor girls were frozen. People bought cookies just because they felt bad for our sorry little lot of girl scouts. I snapped this picture out of the blue. There was no posing going on what so ever. Is that not the saddest little group of cookie girls you ever saw? LOL! Right after we got our table cleaned up to go home, a serious snow and wind storm hit.

Can I just say....I'm glad cookie time is over. And can Spring get here yet?


Our Family said...

What little troopers! BRRR!!!! We had our fill of Girl Scout cookies over here, too! But I have to admit, I'm still not sick of them. :)

Jennie said...

Love having the cookie girl so close...but glad I didn't give in to buy more! great job Halle!

Mama Williams said...

I saw similar groups around here to and personally bought 8 boxes from my piano student. I'm now running to become friends with my scale again. Call me tomorrow if you are free. Time to catch up!

Lee Ann said...

Oh man they look frozen! I would have bought some - even though I can't eat them. I made gluten free "thin mints" and "samoa's". Both were failures :( I guess it just isn't meant to be for me have a girlscout cookie :)

Grammy said...

Hilarious!!! I was gonna comment to you "aren't you glad you didn't pick the afternoon shift?"

Larsen said...

Found your blog....And why is it that i am not surprised you are a dot com!

We had such a fun time last night!