Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holley Manwaring Reunion 2010

The first weekend in August we attended the Holley Manwaring Family Reunion. This year Jarom's parents were in charge and they chose to hold it at Morgan's Bridge. This is a sentimental place for the family as they used to meet here each summer and camp together. When Grandma Eva was a little girl, her family used to stop and rest at Morgan's bridge as they traveled on up to their homestead to raise sheep for the summer.
Everyone grabbed a piece of ground and pitched tents and campers.

We got such a kick out of the little Indian boys with their beaded headbands and wooden bows and arrows.

But it was even more funny when we realized they weren't playing Indians, but rather Jedi Knights. My how the times have changed.

Sisters Emily, Becky, and Nat.

Aunt Shauna and Jarom, she made him bend down so that she appeared taller. She's a tiny short little lady, it was pretty funny.

Alyssa couldn't get enough of Stacey's little dog Sophie. Is she cute or what? I can't wait until the day I can have a tiny little doggy like this, but that has to wait until a)the current dog finds his place in heaven and b)my kids grow up a little more so they won't kill the tiny thing.

The swimming hole was a big hit with all the kids. This the the little river that the bridge crosses, hence Morgan's Bridge.

There isn't a lot of shade around, so we had to make our own. It was tradition for Jarom's grandpa to raise his army parachute for everyone to sit under. Gregg and Anna bought a new parachute in remembrance. It worked swell, AFTER it was anchored nice and tight. Apparently a big gust of wind came up and the parachute tried to take off, breaking the pole holding it, which landed inches away from baby Maddy. So glad no one was hurt.

It takes a lot of dutch ovens and stoves to provide apple dumplings for 100+ people, but we got it done and they were mighty tasty.

After you've cooked for that many people, a crunch and munch break is just the ticket.

Grandma Eva told stories of when she was a little girl and traveled by wagon to this very location. I can't even imagine. It was hard enough for me to do it with my camper that had running water and a flushing toilet. Her parents lost their land during the depression and it now belongs to the BLM.

We all took a trek to see the original homestead that used to be Grandma Eva's family's. It was quite the trek. The road was muddy, so we decided to drive right over the top of sage brush and rocks. It was hysterical! Talk about off roading.

Looking at homestead.

Up there is the homestead

Hiking up to where the house stood.

Carter and Ogden taking a shady rest.

The girls and Grandma.

Jarom and Grandma Eva sitting at the place where her home used to be. I think she loved sitting there with all her memories to keep her company.

Little Miss Liberty Gets Baptized

Congratulations to my niece who was baptized back in August. She looked so grown up and pretty in her new baptism dress.
Halle, Liberty, Alyssa

Opening gifts. Brancyn looks pretty interested in sister's goods.

Monday, August 30, 2010

School Days

I still have the entire month of August to blog about, but I can't let the first day of school go unblogged.
Alyssa is in 6th grade this year. SIXTH!! Her last year in elementary. It is SO crazy to me. We moved to this house when she was in 1st grade. I remember thinking how far away 6th seemed. Well, let me tell you, it wasn't far at all! Overnight in fact. Man these sweet years pass in the blink of an eye. Alyssa had a good day at school today. She says her class is ultra quiet compared to last year, but I have a feeling that as time goes on, that will change. Her teacher seems nice and I think Alyssa is loving being one of the big kids at school this year.

Halle is in 4th and has a new teacher this year. She was a little nervous to leave her beloved Mrs. Ball behind, but came home from school today saying she loves her new teacher. I'm so glad! Halle is our fashionista and wants her hair and outfits to be just perfect. She has them picked out days in advance. She came home from school and immediately did her spelling homework. This girl loves a schedule, and I'm glad we're back on one!

Carter is a great big grown up 1st grader this year. Last night we sent him to bed saying, "Good night you big kid." About 15 minutes later, he came flying out of his room sobbing his head off because he "doesn't want to be a grown up!". It was so sad and funny all at the same time. He was shocked to learn this morning that he gets to stay at school for lunch this year. I don't know why he didn't realize he was going to full days, but it was pretty cute to see his reaction when he put two and two together. He seemed to love his first day, but promptly came home and took a nap. Is anyone surprised?

Little Kate-Kate doesn't get to start pre-school until next week. But she did help me walk the big kids to school this morning. I told her to get dressed, but didn't have to time to really enforce it. We were running late, so she walked to school in her candy cane striped pj's and her Burger King crown. Oh my.....she felt SO pretty and it CRACKED me (and just about everyone else) up. She is such a funny kid. I'm sure tomorrow I'll be posting her 6th grade picture on here, but for today, I'm going to revel in the Burger King crown moments.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Evening Time

Sunsets in Idaho as seen through the eyes of Alyssa and Halle. Pretty, eh?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For Some Must Push and Some Must Pull

To celebrate Pioneer Day (July 24th), we joined my folks at Iona Days. The youth had been on a pioneer reenactment trek for the few days leading up to the celebration. The whole thing kicked off with the return of the youth (and leaders, including my dad) marching into town. It was really quite neat to see them all coming home. Parents excited to see children, children excited to see parents, dirty and dusty pioneers pulling their handcarts. I'm sure the saints of old experienced feelings similar as they saw loved ones pulling in from their long and arduous journeys.

My dad piled the grandkids in the handcart and took them for a spin around the park.

I'm not sure Carter understood the concept of "push". I think he was more about enjoying the "ride".

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy 80th

In July we celebrated Grandpa George's 80th.

There were party games and everything!

And I'll have you know, he blew out ALL 80 candles in one giant breath!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blue Angels

The Blue Angels were in town for a week in July. We had a GREAT time listening to the skies rumble while they practiced for the air show. Well, most of us did anyway. Carter had found a new computer game this same week and I had to ground him from it. His punishment? To sit and watch fighter jets do loops in the sky. (I can only imagine what he'll tell his therapists someday. His mean terrible mother, forcing him to watch spectacular sky stunts.)
We had the perfect view from my neighbor's front porch.

We'd watch them go up.

Then come back down.

Then drop straight towards the ground. Amazing!

Our house happened to be directly in the flight path and I kept thinking I'd get a picture of them flying right overhead. But I never did. Not to fear though, my sister in law had an AWESOME picture of her view on her blog that I stole.
Thanks Becky!

The Blue Angels were so cool, I hope to hear that deep engine roar again someday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun with the Georges

Okay....I think 2 weeks is LONG enough to have the nasty sliver picture at the top of my blog. We have been SO crazy busy this summer with friends, family, and fun things that blogging has dropped to the bottom of the list. But I couldn't stand one more day of looking at Kate's nasty toe. So I'm going to attempt to start catching up on some of the fun we've been having.

A few weeks ago our dear friends, the Georges, called us up and said, "We bought a boat. Want to have some fun today?" So, we dropped everything, threw on our suits and went boating.
Looking good Dave, looking good!

We stopped at a dock and the kids had fun swimming around. Logan was the first brave soul and let Jarom throw him in the freezing water.

Alyssa and Halle followed close behind. And here's the shocker of the world: CARTER even jumped in!! He also panicked immediately upon hitting the water, but still...he jumped in and tried it on his own accord. I was very proud of him.

Shellie was such a good sport and got in with the little kids. I am a fully admitted wimp and hater of cold water, so no...this mommy didn't swim with her children. Go ahead and sue me why don't ya?

Kate and Haylie had a grand time on the boat.

So did Alyssa, Sydnie, and Halle. The boys had a ball too, but they were at the front of the boat the entire time, so no pictures of them.

It was time to try some wake boarding. Jarom got up on his first try.

Then Shellie had to go and show us what its all about. Man, she could go forever.

Everyone made it look so easy, so I thought I'd give it a go. OH my, was that water cold! My kids were so SHOCKED to see their mom in the water. Halle said, "It's a miracle!" Yah....I'm pathetic I guess.

So after about 5 tries and swallowing about a gallon of the lake....I was still in the water. No getting up for me, and my old body said, "Enough!". Out I came with a VERY sore sternum and ended up having to sleep with ice packs on my chest that night. Apparently I'll never be a wake boarder (or a water lover for that matter).

Dave taught us how to surf off the back of the boat.

Well, he taught Jarom anyhow.

After many hours of fun, we had just enough time for a girls tube ride.

And a boys tube ride.

Thank you so much Georges for a very fun filled day! We had a blast!!