Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holley Manwaring Reunion 2010

The first weekend in August we attended the Holley Manwaring Family Reunion. This year Jarom's parents were in charge and they chose to hold it at Morgan's Bridge. This is a sentimental place for the family as they used to meet here each summer and camp together. When Grandma Eva was a little girl, her family used to stop and rest at Morgan's bridge as they traveled on up to their homestead to raise sheep for the summer.
Everyone grabbed a piece of ground and pitched tents and campers.

We got such a kick out of the little Indian boys with their beaded headbands and wooden bows and arrows.

But it was even more funny when we realized they weren't playing Indians, but rather Jedi Knights. My how the times have changed.

Sisters Emily, Becky, and Nat.

Aunt Shauna and Jarom, she made him bend down so that she appeared taller. She's a tiny short little lady, it was pretty funny.

Alyssa couldn't get enough of Stacey's little dog Sophie. Is she cute or what? I can't wait until the day I can have a tiny little doggy like this, but that has to wait until a)the current dog finds his place in heaven and b)my kids grow up a little more so they won't kill the tiny thing.

The swimming hole was a big hit with all the kids. This the the little river that the bridge crosses, hence Morgan's Bridge.

There isn't a lot of shade around, so we had to make our own. It was tradition for Jarom's grandpa to raise his army parachute for everyone to sit under. Gregg and Anna bought a new parachute in remembrance. It worked swell, AFTER it was anchored nice and tight. Apparently a big gust of wind came up and the parachute tried to take off, breaking the pole holding it, which landed inches away from baby Maddy. So glad no one was hurt.

It takes a lot of dutch ovens and stoves to provide apple dumplings for 100+ people, but we got it done and they were mighty tasty.

After you've cooked for that many people, a crunch and munch break is just the ticket.

Grandma Eva told stories of when she was a little girl and traveled by wagon to this very location. I can't even imagine. It was hard enough for me to do it with my camper that had running water and a flushing toilet. Her parents lost their land during the depression and it now belongs to the BLM.

We all took a trek to see the original homestead that used to be Grandma Eva's family's. It was quite the trek. The road was muddy, so we decided to drive right over the top of sage brush and rocks. It was hysterical! Talk about off roading.

Looking at homestead.

Up there is the homestead

Hiking up to where the house stood.

Carter and Ogden taking a shady rest.

The girls and Grandma.

Jarom and Grandma Eva sitting at the place where her home used to be. I think she loved sitting there with all her memories to keep her company.


Lee Ann said...

What a great experience! Looks like lots of fun!

The Misses said...

How awesome is that? I love family reunions and I love to here stories about what was. Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time.

Also Apple Dumplings = YUM!

Brenda said...

I recognize some of those star wars boys. They taught my boy all about Darth Vadar (sp?) Looks like a fun weekend with family!!

Brenda said...
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Crystal Escobar said...

I loved all the pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

Jennifer P. said...

funny, it seems like my little brothers can take rollar costar games and turn them into star wars. :) ~Ethan

Trish said...

I need to be adopted by an Idaho family so that I can live up there and still have fun extended family gatherings. SO cool. I wish we had some Grandmas left in our family!