Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blue Angels

The Blue Angels were in town for a week in July. We had a GREAT time listening to the skies rumble while they practiced for the air show. Well, most of us did anyway. Carter had found a new computer game this same week and I had to ground him from it. His punishment? To sit and watch fighter jets do loops in the sky. (I can only imagine what he'll tell his therapists someday. His mean terrible mother, forcing him to watch spectacular sky stunts.)
We had the perfect view from my neighbor's front porch.

We'd watch them go up.

Then come back down.

Then drop straight towards the ground. Amazing!

Our house happened to be directly in the flight path and I kept thinking I'd get a picture of them flying right overhead. But I never did. Not to fear though, my sister in law had an AWESOME picture of her view on her blog that I stole.
Thanks Becky!

The Blue Angels were so cool, I hope to hear that deep engine roar again someday!


CB said...

I really love the Blue Angels. I didn't know they were over there in July - Cool!! They are amazing to watch! And how cool that you could see the show right from your house - no crowds! SAaaa-Weeet!

P.S. I just realized that earlier this summer you asked me for the family feud stuff and in my narcotic haze after my surgery I spaced it. SOOOOO sorry! If you still need it let me know.

The Misses said...

Love the Blue Angels. Absolutely Love living back in Jacksonville and looking forward to the Air Show at the Beach where they will perform. The boys have no idea what their gonna see. Reminds me I need to look up the dates. Anyhow I'm back to blogging. So coe see.

hoLLy said...

i have so many memories of the blue angels from when i was a kid. i grew up 5 minutes from a military base and we went every year to the show! they also came and spoke at assemblies at our school-they were hotties:) lol

Tamie said...

i heard that the show was pretty neat-o. my parents were in rexburg for graduation with my baby brother and they went to the show....we used to go every year when we lived in San is a GREAT show ---
yeah, you're a terrible mother for making yoru son go and watch and have family time ;)