Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun with the Georges

Okay....I think 2 weeks is LONG enough to have the nasty sliver picture at the top of my blog. We have been SO crazy busy this summer with friends, family, and fun things that blogging has dropped to the bottom of the list. But I couldn't stand one more day of looking at Kate's nasty toe. So I'm going to attempt to start catching up on some of the fun we've been having.

A few weeks ago our dear friends, the Georges, called us up and said, "We bought a boat. Want to have some fun today?" So, we dropped everything, threw on our suits and went boating.
Looking good Dave, looking good!

We stopped at a dock and the kids had fun swimming around. Logan was the first brave soul and let Jarom throw him in the freezing water.

Alyssa and Halle followed close behind. And here's the shocker of the world: CARTER even jumped in!! He also panicked immediately upon hitting the water, but still...he jumped in and tried it on his own accord. I was very proud of him.

Shellie was such a good sport and got in with the little kids. I am a fully admitted wimp and hater of cold water, so no...this mommy didn't swim with her children. Go ahead and sue me why don't ya?

Kate and Haylie had a grand time on the boat.

So did Alyssa, Sydnie, and Halle. The boys had a ball too, but they were at the front of the boat the entire time, so no pictures of them.

It was time to try some wake boarding. Jarom got up on his first try.

Then Shellie had to go and show us what its all about. Man, she could go forever.

Everyone made it look so easy, so I thought I'd give it a go. OH my, was that water cold! My kids were so SHOCKED to see their mom in the water. Halle said, "It's a miracle!" Yah....I'm pathetic I guess.

So after about 5 tries and swallowing about a gallon of the lake....I was still in the water. No getting up for me, and my old body said, "Enough!". Out I came with a VERY sore sternum and ended up having to sleep with ice packs on my chest that night. Apparently I'll never be a wake boarder (or a water lover for that matter).

Dave taught us how to surf off the back of the boat.

Well, he taught Jarom anyhow.

After many hours of fun, we had just enough time for a girls tube ride.

And a boys tube ride.

Thank you so much Georges for a very fun filled day! We had a blast!!


Gina said...

I might be a little jealous.

Mama Williams said...

Awesome! I'm still waiting for a "friend" to invite us to go have some fun like that! Lucky and good for you for trying. I can't get up either. :( But I do love the water.

CB said...

That looks like a blast!! So fun to have friends with toys!!