Thursday, July 29, 2010

What would you do?

What would you do if your 4 year old came in with a 4 inch piece of wood sticking out of her toe, and you were in the middle of making dinner, and a severe thunder storm warning was beeping on the TV every 10 minutes, and your 3 other kids were on the verge of panic b/c of said toe and storm, and your husband was in the middle of a church meeting? Well, here's what I did.

First I tried to pull the stick out; it didn't budge and she screamed bloody murder.

Then I panicked (just a little).

I ruined dinner. (Seriously, to the point of Jarom having to order Pizza Hut.)

I tried to reach Jarom; couldn't get a hold of him.

I ran next door to get my neighbor for a second opinion to see if she thought I should take Kate to the doctor. I mean lets face it, WHO wants to take their kid in for a splinter removal?

We thought about slicing the skin to get it out (I remember my dad doing this to me with his pocket knife for a sliver the length of my finger once) but then decided it was too deep.

We did end up cutting some of the length of the stick, so not quite so much was sticking out.

In the end I decided I had to take her in, princess dress and all.

There was NO way my kids were going to stay home alone with the storm warning going on and there was NO way I was taking all 4 of them to the Urgent Care. By this point Kate had calmed down and I had calmed down too and realized this was only a sliver and there was no need to panic, so we turned on the TV and waited for dad to get home.
Kate was such a brave little thing and waited patiently until we could leave for the doctor.

They ended up doing exactly what I had thought to do, cut the skin to remove the stick. It was pretty deep, but thankfully no deadening shots were needed.

Kate laid absolutely still and only whimpered a bit about it hurting.

They gave it a good cleaning with the bristle brush, and get this, she LAUGHED while they did it. SO not what I was expecting. I cried like a wussy pants when I had the cut I got in Hawaii on my foot scrubbed out. Man she's tough.

They decided it was deep enough and long enough to warrant being glued back together. So they got her closed up, put a band aid on and sent us on our way.

After all was said and done she said, "Whew! I didn't even die." I said, "No, you wouldn't die from a splinter in your toe." Then she said, "Yah, I'd only die if someone cut my head off." LOL! Her and her comments.

Well, we can now add going to the doctor to remove a sliver to our bucket list. Good grief....


Gina said...

I would have done just what the doctor did.
I have brand new x-acto blades, and I keep a tube of superglue in my first aid kit.
And I have superglued a head wound between stirring the pot of potatoes!

Man am I glad that your cutie bug didn't die!

Our Family said...

Wow! You have guys are going to have so many good memories to look back on!

Mama Williams said...

Good Grief is right! Any new gray hairs now?

CB said...

OK OH My Gosh!! I have never had a kid with something so big stuck in them..OUCH!! That is awesome that she was so good while they cleaned it out, what a trooper!!

Dimick's said...

What a brave little lady. That really is nerve-racking. I'm glad that she was able to laugh it off, and now you can too. It looks like your trip to Cali was awesome. I told Caleb we missed our chance to go cheap. We're planning on going next summer (when it's not so cheap).

Lee Ann said...

I'm proud of you for getting everyone calmed down and waiting for daddy. I probably would have done just what you did. I don't know that I could have dug very far, unless I really had too. :) You're a gooooood momma!

Crystal Escobar said...

oh ouch!!! That is crazy!!! Makes me cringe that it was stuck! Poor girl :( Glad it's all okay now.

Trish said...

Okay, I have been avoiding your blog like the plague because I knew this was coming. LOL Really. SO, I averted my eyes from that first shot and the one of her in her highness' gown is so sweet, I couldn't help but smile through the rest. Thank goodness for that second picture.

She reminds me of Meeka in so many ways. Both brave. Both accident prone. Both adorable little stubbornly quiet little angels. Love them!

Trish said...

Life is NEVER dull at your house, is it?!

Now, here's what an unsympathetic Mom I am.....

I probably would have sat on the child while they screamed bloody murder and I pulled the sliver out....then when that didn't work and it was still in there the next day I would have thought about taking them to the Dr. and it would be still the next day before I actually did it.