Friday, July 09, 2010

Chinatown, Tar Pits, Hollywood Stars

Halle had two requests for our trip. To see Chinatown and to see Halle Berry's star on the Walk of Fame.

First up, Chinatown. We asked Halle if she understood what Chinatown really was. It was like hearing Mrs. Ball straight from the mouth of Halle. "It's a place where Chinese people live if they want to keep their culture but still live in America." I thought it was great that she really did know and understand. Now, if Chinatown lived up to her expectations remains to be seen, but she did leave with a paper lantern in tow.

Resting in Chinatown.

I was excited to see the La Brea Tar Pits. We learned a lot here. For instance, I never realized that tar isn't hot. It's just bubbly because of gases escaping.

Examining Pit 91. This is where most of the fossils have been found. Everything from Woolly Mammoths, Saber Tooth Cats, and American Lions to little tiny mice and bugs. Pretty neat.

Checking out the turtles in a pond (water, not tar).

Soaking up the sun.

Be sure to grab the correct child when you go to leave. Note to self, yours is the Caucasian. LOL!

And here they are from the front.

We decided to check out Griffith Observatory. Wow! What a view!

And finally, it was time to find Halle Berry. (I honestly don't think Halle has ever seen a movie with Halle Berry in it. She just loves that someone famous spells her name just like her own.)When Halle saw her star, she laid right on the ground in the middle of the sidewalk to get her picture taken. It was SO funny.

There are so many stars my kids don't know, so it was fun to find a star they actually cared about. We just watched Michael Jackson's "This Is It" last week, so he was very fresh in their minds.

And now, we're all tuckered out, ready for a full nights rest so we can go again tomorrow.


Mama Williams said...

I remember when you named Halle and told me how to spell it just like the actress! You've got them well trained like I do to take great photos! :) Enjoy your vacation! p.s. Tell Jarom I have 3 In and Out Burger joints with in a 10 mile radius of my house now! One is set to open just down the road!! Come visit! I have no stars on the side walk but we could draw some then jump on the tramp!

CB said...

OK I am just catching up! How totally amazing that you got $40 airline tickets - that is definately cheaper than driving the whole family - WOw!! GREAT DEAL!!
I love that you went to Chinatown - So fun.
You guys are really having an adventure :D

Natalie and Quin said...

AHHH!!! The picture of Kate and that little girl, I thought the other girl was Kate. I had to look at other pictures to see what Kate was wearing!