Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aquarium of the Pacific

For the final day of our California trip (which is taking me FOREVER to get blogged!) we decided to go to the Aquarium in Long Beach. We had thought about spending one more day at the beach, but we were all so sunburned from the day before, that the thought of hot sun on the skin was not pleasant. So Aquarium it was.

Big ol' sharks. Glad I'm not swimming with them.

Touching the little sharks and rays.

Taking a quick break.

These three rays just stayed like this for a really long time. The viewing window was up through a tube. It was so funny and a little eerie to see these alien creatures just right above us.

Halle took the camera for a while and got some fun shots. Here's the sea horses .

And the lion fish.

Although the fish were fascinating, the main attraction for my kids were these little guys.

I love both Halle's and Alyssa's faces in this picture. They LOVED holding the birds.

Happy girls.

Kate joined in the fun too. (And why I don't have a picture of Carter with the birds is beyond me, but he loved it too.)

Cameron REALLY wanted to play with the birds.

We had a great time spending the day with my brother and his family.

A quick family shot by some colorful fish and the day was done. Time to return the rental car, hit the hotel, and prepare to head back to Idaho. Even though there were some stressful times and a little bickering, I think our family trip was wonderful and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I love spending these special times with our kids and can't wait for our next adventure.


Our Family said...

That looks like it was an awesome trip. sounds like there were no major illnesses, which is a good thing! I can't wait to see where you end up next (like, Boise?):) Tell everyone hi!

Nichole said...


Natalie and Quin said...

You didn't even tell the funny story of how I squirted some of Cameron's water bottle on Jarom's hat and it ran down on to his ear. And then how he about threw up because he thought the birds pooped on him. Hahahaha!

Trish said...

We love that place! The lorikeets are our favorites!