Monday, July 19, 2010

Aunt Janice's House

Sunday was a take-it-easy kind of day on our trip. We swam at the hotel and then visited with family. Jarom's Aunt Janice (and family) was so kind to entertain us and make dinner for us. My kids LOVED it.
The first thing Janice did when we walked in the door was hand each of my kids their very own bottle of cream soda. Does she know how to win them over or what?

My kids played Ladder Ball for hours.

Alyssa absolutely loved this game. We made sure to bring home instructions (that cousin Kayla meticulously drew) so we could build our own set of Ladder Balls.

Carter was a wild man with those balls. Everyone had to be on their toes when it was his turn to throw. Alyssa got a rhythm going and could score a 3 (the highest) on a regular basis.

While Carter and Alyssa played ball, Halle and Kate kept busy in the flower gardens. Uncle Lane has an amazing green thumb and their yard was GORGEOUS and in full bloom.

It was so nice of Lane to let the girls pick flowers for their hair.

They felt like princesses.

Too bad flowers don't stay fresh forever, I loved these ones in Halle's hair.

I handed the camera to Halle and told her to get a few shots of people and things. She got this lovely shot of Janice and about 19 million out of focus shots of Uncle Lane's flowers.

We did somehow manage to get this cute shot of Grandma and Kayla.

The night ended with Jarom getting WHOOPED by Chase on Guitar Hero. And if you know how good Jarom is (he really is pretty good at that game), that tells you how amazing Chase is at it. I've NEVER seen anything like it in my life. Man that kid (okay he's 18, not really a kid anymore) has that game mastered!

Thank you SO much Hastings for the fun evening. It was so nice for my kids to be able to run around and play and not stay cooped up in the hotel room. And dinner was DELISH!!

After time with family, we decided that rather than go hang at the hotel, we'd drive over to the LA Temple.

We tried to get a picture of just the kids, but Carter was being a bit of a terror. So we decided to do a sister picture instead. How nice is that? "Yes, we're at the temple and our family is forever, but Carter, you're OUT of the picture." LOL!


Miki said...

Oh my goodness, you're just so funny. Out of all of the facebook comments I read this morning (did the angels sing? I's a miracle) yours was the only one I laughed out loud then I decided to come and check out your blog.....

it happened again.

You're just so funny.

becky ward said...

so jealous! i want to visit aunt janice! glad you guys had a nice visit. i think chase and jarom need a rematch next week. (;