Friday, July 09, 2010

On Our Way

About 4 months ago, the airport got a new flight direct from Idaho Falls to Los Angeles. For one day only, they did a promotion where tickets cost $40 round trip. Since it is NOT cheap to fly an entire family of 6, we normally drive on our family vacations, but with such a great price on airfare, we just couldn't pass that kind of deal up. Our kids have been waiting and waiting for the day to arrive that they'd get to take their first airplane ride. (Well, Carter and Kate have both been, but they were too young to remember.)
Waiting to get on the plane. Alyssa was so anxious. She could hardly stand to let go of her bag for fear of missing the loading time. They all learned a little bit about patience.

They all giggled and clapped on the take off. The landing was a little different story. Despite the gum I had them chew, their ears really hurt coming out of the sky. But once we got on the ground and blew our noses a few times, we were rip roaring ready to hit the sites of So. Cal.

First up, the ocean, where we all PROMISED we wouldn't get wet since we didn't have the right clothes on and it was freezing cold.

And as you can plainly see, we all got wet up to our waists. But we enjoyed doing it, so I guess it's all good. Stay tuned for more Manwaring Adventures from California.


Mama Williams said...

How fun! I'm so excited for you to score a great deal for a family vacation. It's so fun to take them on a plane for the first time. When we went to Orlando 2 years ago it was priceless! Enjoy your trip! We really need to catch up when you get back and I return from Stake Girls Camp. I'm cooking for 208!! Wowzah!

becky ward said...

blogging from your trip! i love it! those look like pretty nice seats. were you first class? it's NEARLY impossible to go to the ocean and NOT GET WET. it's just too irresistable. glad you guys are having fun so far.

Grammy said...

That's what I was thinking that those seats looked awfully nice. And why in world would you even waste your breath on saying "Don't get wet"? LOLOLOL

Grammy said...

Oh and, I guess it was a good thing you were prepared with those jackets you didn't think you would really need.

Lee Ann said...

$40 is an awesome deal! So glad you snagged that one. Flying is just so fun for kids. Anna gets bummed every time we drive to Idaho. She just wants to fly.

Looks like you're having a great time! I'm so ready for a little SoCA myself!!!!