Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Couple of Cuties

It seems my camera lens has a scratch on it. I've notice a few blurry pictures lately. In an effort to try figure out if it was indeed a scratch or just something gunky on the lens I took a couple of shots. My subjects were more than happy to oblige.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garage Sale Results

So, I'm sure you're all on pins and needles waiting to find out how my garage sale went. ;) Your wait is over, I'll tell you. I think that it was fairly successful. All our big items sold and I'd say about half of the clothes sold. The traffic was thick and people were buying so quickly that I didn't even have time to notice (or mourn) which little outfits were leaving.

The sale was supposed to start at 8 am, so at 7:30 I opened my garage to pull the tables out to the yard. Instantly there was a flock of people IN my garage, asking to buy things that weren't for sale. It was the craziest thing. I mean seriously, if you saw someone tyring to pull tables and items out onto the driveway, wouldn't you get that sale wasn't happening inside? So strange, but we eventually got all the stuff (and people) out of the garage and all was well.
It was FREEZING!! We had to wear our winter coats (and yes, we saw snow) and after a couple hours I resorted to pulling the space heater into the garage to stand next to. Regardless of the cold, the buyers were out. The rice crispy treats sold like hot cakes. I had no idea food sold so well, and only made one pan of treats for my girls to sell. Apparently around the corner, our neighbors had popcorn and hot dogs going. This thing is like a flippin' carnival I tell ya. When the day was said and done, we had almost $200 in our pockets. Now THAT was fun! It was a lot of work and a bit emotional, but in the end, I'm glad we did it.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Did you find your way?

Did you find your way?

Or are you still "lost" like me? (This post contains spoilers.)

As you all know, I love the show Lost. I've been a fan since day one. I have to say, this last season has been my least favorite of all, and I was actually looking forward to the show being done so my brain could rest a little. However, even after 4 straight hours plus 1 with Jimmy Kimmel yesterday, my brain is still turning and turning. I'll tell you what, I was on that Island ALL night long in my dreams.

Here's my big question and a little one. When the heck did each person die??? And really, how did Ben get out from under that fallen tree? I'll think I have my brain wrapped around it and then.....nope....that doesn't make sense. I guess it's a little like thinking about eternity, no beginning, no end. If you allow your brain to try to unravel the mysteries, the mysteries just multiply.

I can't say I was disappointed in the way show ended. It was satisfying, but yet it wasn't fulfilling all at the same time. I know that makes NO sense whatsoever, which is fine because the whole dang show never made any sense, which means the ending was perfect.

Although....I was rather disappointed that they never brought MY character back. I'm sure the buffalo herd would have added a whole new dimension to the show.

How did you like the ending???

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letting Go

Have you seen Hoarders on A&E? I am completely fascinated by this show. Fascinated because I really can empathize with these people to some degree. house does not have 1 foot pathways to walk through garbage, or mountains upon mountains of stuff, nor do I have 45 animals, and yes, I can throw away garbage. But....I am VERY sentimental and have major guilt when I get rid of things. For some reason, I feel like I am doing something bad, not being grateful, wasteful even.

Oh, I know all the lingo...."Someone else could use it now, when you're not." "If you haven't used it in the last year, you most likely won't ever again." "If it doesn't give you pleasure, get rid of it." "It's not the item you're remembering; it's the memory." Yes, I do know these thoughts, and force them into my mind. But it still doesn't make getting rid of things any easier for me. Especially when there is any type of memory attached to the item.

My kids have been begging me for the last few years to participate in the neighborhood garage sale. A) I don't garage sale...rather, I donate my things, and B) we've always been out of town the weekend this thing has hit the neighborhood. But this year, we'll be here and if my kids want to participate, I'm going to let them. If they are okay with getting rid of their things, then I want to encourage that behaviour. (I don't necessarily want to encourage them to think that selling is better than donating, but I think once in a while it's an okay thing.) I certainly don't want to them inherit my curse of needing to keep things.

It's no secret that I have wanted another baby ever since Kate was born. It's also no secret that Jarom has NOT wanted another baby. It's been a process for me, but I've finally come to terms that 4 children is enough (really more than enough) and what I was wanting was really just a baby. Not another child. Does that make sense? an effort to get ready for the garage sale, I've been going through the baby clothes and things. has been ripping my heart out. And there are some items I just can not part with. I feel like I'd be selling the child if I sold certain articles of clothing. But I am limiting myself to what I can keep. I think this a HUGE step for me!

So far so good. I have a big pile of things in the garage that I'm letting go. Now.....give me strength to REALLY let it go come Saturday when I have to watch MY baby's things walk out the door with someone else. me regardless of my craziness.

And nope....these little darlings won't be going anywhere. These are the sweet little outfits I brought each baby home in. Were they all really so tiny once??

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moments in Manwaringville

We're staying busy around here.

We finished swimming lessons, and my kids were sad, even begging for the next session. A far cry different than the first lesson of the sessions where Carter and Kate wouldn't even get in the water without tears. They all improved greatly.

We're full throttle into the soccer season and gearing up for t-ball.

We're getting ready to be done with Hip-Hop for Halle (I have been ULTRA disappointed with her class this year) and are preparing for ballet.

And we only have 3 weeks of school left. HOW can it possibly be the end of the year already??

Jarom has been in Boise this week, we've missed him, but don't worry, we haven't been too lonely.

We've had built in sisters. Our neighbor's are out of town and we've been watching two of their children. Kate has been in heaven. Someone to play babies, barbies, and sisters with from sun up to sun down.

And friends to watch mid day movies with. These extra girls have been no trouble at all and a delight to have stay with us.

I have had some crazy wild hair possess my body and I decided to sew. I have been a skirt sewing maniac for the last few days. I get this strange urge to sew about once every 5 years and then I burn myself out, use up all my patience and swear I'll never sew again.

Carter was darling in his Mother's Day program. Which I drug Jarom too, only to find it was for the mom's only. How does "Mother's Day program" translate to "women only"? I can see how "Zoo with Dad's" makes sense for only men, but "Mother's Day program" just didn't register "women only" in my brain. Apparently I was the only one who didn't catch on to that, and poor Jarom ended up not staying. But Carter was cute still the same.

My Mother's Day was wonderful. Jarom always makes sure it is for me. I was SO excited to join the ranks of "home made ashtray owner" this year. (I'm really being serious. It TOTALLY made my day to open it up!) Every mother needs one! It can also be used for a jewelry plate or, if you're lucky enough to receive a hand painted jewelry box too, it works as the perfect water catcher to keep under the homemade flower pot. My kids are the best and they make my heart melt!

And for a little something from Jarom, he gave me a new pot rack to hang on the hooks that have been in my ceiling since we moved in. I'm so excited to finally have something hanging. I just need to go find some pretty pots and things to decorate it with now! (Hmmmm...Happy Father's Day Jarom, here's a new set of pots??? HA! Only kidding.)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

A little over the top and a bit drmamtic, but so true to how pictures go at this house I couldn't help but posting (thanks Dawnyel).

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

How'd You Celebrate?

  • On our way home from swimming lessons,

  • we blasted the Mexican music
  • hit the Taco Bell drive thru

  • and got wild and crazy in the back seat. (But we didn't roll the windows down because it's still freezing in Idaho.)

Then sneaky sneaky Mom and Dad told the kids we were going grocery shopping and went to somewhere a little more authentic than Taco Bell. (Puerto Vallarta mmmmm...)

And to end Cinco de Mayo with a bang, we welcomed a new little nephew to the family. Cute little Spencer James born to Benjamin and Kaylin. (When I told Halle Spencer was born she said, "WHAT?! I didn't know Kaylin was that far pregnant. I thought maybe she was due in like December or something." LOL! I'm sure Kaylin is glad she wasn't due for 7 more months.)

How'd you celebrate? Did you?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Wait Paid Off

About 2 months ago, Halle had some money burning a hole in her pocket. I took her to Toys-R-Us and she came home with a butterfly habitat. We had to send away to get the little caterpillars and then we waited, and waited, and waited, and WAITED until I thought Halle was going to loose her mind (and I loose mine) wishing for those caterpillars to show up in the mail.

When they first showed up, they were only about 1/4 of inch big. By the end of the week they were a good 2 inches long. CRAZY how quickly they grew. And although they were fascinating, they really kind of grossed me out.

We were lucky enough to catch one turning from caterpillar to chrysalis and that was VERY exciting. And then....the waiting returned while they hung upside down in their dormant state.
But today they (well, two so far) emerged! (And we -by we, I mean me- can all breathe a sigh of relief that at least two lived. After last night's episode of me accidentally knocking the habitat over and jarring two chrysalis loose, I was TERRIFIED I was going to have to deal with dead -or worse- half formed, butterflies. I'm afraid Halle would go ballistic. Pray that the remaining 3 form normally!)

We've learned a lot with this little pet project. For instance, did you know that while in the chrysalis state, a caterpillar's organs completely dissolve? I think it is so amazing that something can change so drastically! In the picture above, the chrysalis on the left is one already hatched. If you look closely at the one on the right you can see the pattern of the butterfly's wings inside. We're still waiting on her to come out. (And don't ask me why, but all butterflies are girls to me.) The little spots of orange on the paper were left by the caterpillars (bodily fluids of some kind, yuck), the little black thing at the end of the pin is the old caterpillar skin when it changed into the chrysalis, and the nasty red stain on the mesh itself is fluid from the freshly hatched butterfly. Who knew butterflies were so messy?

Pretty Painted Lady. I enjoy her MUCH more now that she's not spinning a web, pooping everywhere, and creeping around with bunch of sticky legs. I have to admit, these have been really fun.

Singing Time Sundays - Repentance

For May my primary is learning "Repentance". I'll be honest, I could not come up with a clever way to teach this, or think of visuals to use. So....I broke the song up into 4 phrases, split my primary into 4 groups, and had them draw their own visuals. While they were drawing, I had the CD player repeating the song so they were hearing the tune and subconsciously learning the words. After they finished, we took it phrase by phrase, discussed their pictures and sang the song.

I think it was a good introduction to the song. We had to mostly focus on our Mother's Day songs as next week we will sing those in sacrament meeting. May is a short month as well because of Stake Conference, but I am confident that the kids will know the song by the end of the month.

Singing Time Sundays - I Belong To The Church of Jesus Christ

Yep, this was last month's song and nope, I never got my post up. But thankfully ribbon sticks are something you can use for all sorts of songs. I just happened to use them to teach "I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ".
I just bought some dowels, cut some ribbon lengths, seared the ends with a match, then tacked them to the top of the stick. There are definite primary rules when the ribbon sticks come out. Absolutely no flicking the ribbons (could cause the tack to pop out and I don't need a tack in the eye), no sword fighting, no bothering your neighbor, etc. If I see any of this, the ribbon is taken away immediately. No warnings, period. Believe it or not, the kids all pretty much respect the ribbon rules.

Ribbons can be used any number of ways (free movement, to teach leading, nursery kids love them too, etc.) but I chose to use them to teach a ribbon dance. We did specific moves for specific phrases of the song. For instance, "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ" was a straight up and down movement to the beat. Then "of Latter Day Saints" was a wave over head to the beat. "I know who I am" was a wiggle towards the floor, with "I know God's plan" a wiggle back up to the sky. And so on with a different movement for each phrase. It is really neat and fun to see all the ribbons moving together at the same time.

This is a great method to use for kids who learn best through physical touch and movement. I have never found that having the kids focus on the movement hindered them in learning the words. In fact the opposite is true.