Monday, May 24, 2010

Did you find your way?

Did you find your way?

Or are you still "lost" like me? (This post contains spoilers.)

As you all know, I love the show Lost. I've been a fan since day one. I have to say, this last season has been my least favorite of all, and I was actually looking forward to the show being done so my brain could rest a little. However, even after 4 straight hours plus 1 with Jimmy Kimmel yesterday, my brain is still turning and turning. I'll tell you what, I was on that Island ALL night long in my dreams.

Here's my big question and a little one. When the heck did each person die??? And really, how did Ben get out from under that fallen tree? I'll think I have my brain wrapped around it and then.....nope....that doesn't make sense. I guess it's a little like thinking about eternity, no beginning, no end. If you allow your brain to try to unravel the mysteries, the mysteries just multiply.

I can't say I was disappointed in the way show ended. It was satisfying, but yet it wasn't fulfilling all at the same time. I know that makes NO sense whatsoever, which is fine because the whole dang show never made any sense, which means the ending was perfect.

Although....I was rather disappointed that they never brought MY character back. I'm sure the buffalo herd would have added a whole new dimension to the show.

How did you like the ending???


Jewelle said...

I HATED it! I get that the whole show was mysterious aand had twists and turns. But why put out there that there would be an ending...a conclusion to the story when there wasn't one? The ending seemed to create yet another story line and never finish the existing one. Hmph!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I LOVED it. I thought it was perfect. That the whole "alternate universe" was just a holding spot for them all to gather and cross over together. It made so much sense that Ben would not join them - but wait and cross over with Alex. It made sense that their "holding spot/plane" was how they redeemed themselves - or "lived" their lives the way they wanted (John being friends with his dad, Hurley being lucky, Jack with a son...)

As for when they all died...who knows. I mean Hurley and Ben could have protected the island for centuries. I think they all died at different times. And as Christian Shepherd said, there is no now. Time doesn't exist when you have passed on.

What an amazing, genius show...

Jenn said...

I really liked this season, but I did not like the season finally. I felt it was too rushed and there were too many loose ends left untied. It was almost like they said well we have to be done now, we have 2 hours to get it done, so this is what we are going to show. I really wasn't bothered by how it ended just how they got to the ending they got too. One of the biggest questions I had was, why was lock trying to kill desmond when he was the only one capable of destroying the island. Wouldn't he be doing everything he could to keep him alive? This is just one of many questions that kept me up last night.(most of them involving desmond and his purpose) we need to have a discution group online sometime.