Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moments in Manwaringville

We're staying busy around here.

We finished swimming lessons, and my kids were sad, even begging for the next session. A far cry different than the first lesson of the sessions where Carter and Kate wouldn't even get in the water without tears. They all improved greatly.

We're full throttle into the soccer season and gearing up for t-ball.

We're getting ready to be done with Hip-Hop for Halle (I have been ULTRA disappointed with her class this year) and are preparing for ballet.

And we only have 3 weeks of school left. HOW can it possibly be the end of the year already??

Jarom has been in Boise this week, we've missed him, but don't worry, we haven't been too lonely.

We've had built in sisters. Our neighbor's are out of town and we've been watching two of their children. Kate has been in heaven. Someone to play babies, barbies, and sisters with from sun up to sun down.

And friends to watch mid day movies with. These extra girls have been no trouble at all and a delight to have stay with us.

I have had some crazy wild hair possess my body and I decided to sew. I have been a skirt sewing maniac for the last few days. I get this strange urge to sew about once every 5 years and then I burn myself out, use up all my patience and swear I'll never sew again.

Carter was darling in his Mother's Day program. Which I drug Jarom too, only to find it was for the mom's only. How does "Mother's Day program" translate to "women only"? I can see how "Zoo with Dad's" makes sense for only men, but "Mother's Day program" just didn't register "women only" in my brain. Apparently I was the only one who didn't catch on to that, and poor Jarom ended up not staying. But Carter was cute still the same.

My Mother's Day was wonderful. Jarom always makes sure it is for me. I was SO excited to join the ranks of "home made ashtray owner" this year. (I'm really being serious. It TOTALLY made my day to open it up!) Every mother needs one! It can also be used for a jewelry plate or, if you're lucky enough to receive a hand painted jewelry box too, it works as the perfect water catcher to keep under the homemade flower pot. My kids are the best and they make my heart melt!

And for a little something from Jarom, he gave me a new pot rack to hang on the hooks that have been in my ceiling since we moved in. I'm so excited to finally have something hanging. I just need to go find some pretty pots and things to decorate it with now! (Hmmmm...Happy Father's Day Jarom, here's a new set of pots??? HA! Only kidding.)


CB said...

Wow! Your kids had swimming lessons already - that is cool! You guys sounds super busy with all your kiddy activities.
I LOVE the skirts - they are so bright and summery - good job girl!
I am glad you had a good Mother's day - I too, think every mom needs the homemade ashtray - I keep earrings in mine - it is a right of passage. I love your pot rack too!!

Grammy said...

I love how Carter just turned and posed for that picture of him standing on the bleachers. Ha!

Trish said...

What a wonderful day! I'm so glad you were so well remembered. You deserve it, pretty mama!