Sunday, May 02, 2010

Singing Time Sundays - Repentance

For May my primary is learning "Repentance". I'll be honest, I could not come up with a clever way to teach this, or think of visuals to use. So....I broke the song up into 4 phrases, split my primary into 4 groups, and had them draw their own visuals. While they were drawing, I had the CD player repeating the song so they were hearing the tune and subconsciously learning the words. After they finished, we took it phrase by phrase, discussed their pictures and sang the song.

I think it was a good introduction to the song. We had to mostly focus on our Mother's Day songs as next week we will sing those in sacrament meeting. May is a short month as well because of Stake Conference, but I am confident that the kids will know the song by the end of the month.