Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Quin's Come To Town

Cameron, and Quin & Natalie ;) , came to visit last week. It was so fun to get to know sweet little Cameron's personality better. He is the sweetest, most happy little dude ever. And his little army crawl is just the cutest. Man he's fast! I was so afraid he'd want nothing to do with us Idaho folk that he doesn't know, but he warmed right up and boy were we glad.

Halle was in heaven as always when there's a baby around.

Kate even tried her hand at holding Cameron. However, he was a little too wiggly for her to handle. But seriously, look at that little grin. He ALWAYS had a smile for everyone.

He even humored us and grinned through tired tired eyes while we dressed him up in the right school paraphernalia.

We're gonna miss this little guy.....okay, we'll miss his mom and dad too!


Amanda Rigby said...

You'd better watch it, puttin' a cougar hat on my nephew!