Tuesday, June 08, 2010

And the Summer Begins

With the end of school comes the craziness of summer.

Our first day of summer break included Carter's last soccer game. Which I don't have a picture from because I was given the task of taking pictures with the coach's camera. I was supposed to get an action shot of each kid. Oh dear.....I am SO not a good photographer and I took about 100 shots hoping to get just one decent one of each kid. Won't the coach be surprised when he downloads his photos. LOL!

After the soccer game, we high tailed it over to Alyssa's piano recital. It was a Disney themed recital and the kids were supposed to come dressed as their piece's character. Alyssa played "Under the Sea" and needed to dress up like Ariel, so the day before the recital, I whipped up a mermaid costume. (And when I say whipped up, I mean practically pulled my hair out and said a lot of bad words. You all know just how much I "love" sewing.) With a tuck tuck here and a snip snip there, Alyssa had an Ariel costume and it was so tight, the poor girl could barely sit. But it worked for the 30 minutes she needed it too. And she did excellent playing her song too!

Then, it was off to Rexburg to celebrate my mom's and nephew's birthdays. Mom had German Chocolate cake and Kayson had a dirt cake full of worms.

All this, and only on the first day of summer. This tells you how the rest of summer is going to go. In a blink of an eye, it will be Fall, but until then, the mom taxi will burn rubber and hope I keep my head screwed on tight. (I already forgot piano lessons today. Whoops! But I did manage to get t-ball and ballet taken care of.) Here's to a wonderful and BUSY summer!!


The Manwaring Family said...

Love the Ariel costume you "Whipped up" You did a great job (you don't give yourself enough credit!) Happy summer!

becky ward said...

impressive little mermaid skirt elena! so proud. and way to burn rubber...i am already feeling overwhelmed with summers activities. i need your go and do attitude.

Tonya said...

Love the mermaid skirt and the great birthday action shot... Happy Birthday Kayson and Janet!

Dimick's said...

Even though summer comes with its own busyness, it’s so nice not to have to rush in the morning to get everyone to school. I didn't think I would enjoy this summer break, as much as I have (so far). By the way, Alyssa’s costume is awesome, way to go!