Friday, March 26, 2010

Wild Hair

I had to get a picture (or two) of Kate's wild hair last week. She'd been in braids for several days and this is what happened when we took them out. Of course the day they came out, was also Sunday, the day I was way late to church, so this is how she went to church. Even Carter said, "Mom, Kate has really wild hair today." I mean, Kate's hair is always something slightly nuts, rats nests and all, but I guess he just wasn't used to all the volume. I think it was kind of cute.

Wild hair or not, she is one beautiful little girl.


Deidra Smith said...

I like it. It just looks permed or naturally curly.

Lee Ann said...

Oh I lOVE it! I think it matches her personality!

becky ward said...

oh that is too funny about carter. i think she looks BEAUTIFUL! like i have said. watch out when she gets a few years older! (;

Grammy said...

Oh, that Carter. LOL
And yes, beautiful little girl.