Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What? It's my birthday?

Today is Carter's birthday. He turns 6. Normally I'm thinking, "WHERE did the time go?!", but with Carter, I think I've thought of him as 6-ish for a long while now. He's somewhat of an old wise soul to me and six just fits him.

This week is a wee bit crazy around here, so we can't hold a birthday party until Thursday the 4th. I still wanted Carter to feel special today, so I hung a few balloons and let him open his new birthday clothes to wear to school. (And my camera has gone missing so I don't even have a picture to post of him on his big day. I'm just hoping it shows up in time for the party.) I also let him take birthday treats to class - Airheads, his request.

I normally just send the b-day treats to school with the kid and let them hand them out when the teacher says it's time. But in his words, "he really wanted me to come and help him hand them out because he loves me so much." So I went, at the end of his class time to deliver the treats.

His teacher looked at me completely confused, "Do you need to take him early?"

"No, I just brought some treats for him to share with the class for his birthday?"

"Today is his birthday? He never said a thing about it while we did calendar. I have tomorrow as his birthday."

"Oh, he must be confused b/c we aren't having his party until later this week."

So, she apologized, changed the date in her stuff (which I have already changed for her once at the beginning of the year, but whatever) and the class sang Happy Birthday to him.

On the way home, I asked him why he didn't tell his teacher that his birthday was today. He said, "I forgot it was today." Later, when we were home I asked him if was ready to go to his birthday lunch with dad. (He had chosen Craigos all you can eat pizza.) He looked at me with total confusion and asked,"Why are we going today?"

I asked him, "Carter, when is your birthday?"

"On the 4th day." (March 4th)

"No, that's when you're having a party, but today is your birthday. That's how come I gave you a present and sang Happy Birthday to you this morning."

"Oh....but it's the 3rd day on the school calendar."

Oh brother! I give up. The poor kid doesn't know when to celebrate. Guess I didn't need to worry about making today special b/c in his mind it isn't a birthday until there's a party.

The craziest thing about all of this is, that in my head his birth date is March 4th. For some odd reason, that is the day that I just assumed he'd be born (he wasn't due until the 10th), so that is the day my brain thinks is his birth date. I have to concentrate really hard to say March 2 when asked. And half the time, I'll look at a calendar on March 1st and realize, "CRAP! My kid's birthday is tomorrow!" (What kind of mother am I??) The one year, I'm actually prepared is the one year he doesn't know. LOL!!

And I know this post is getting long, but I have to tell one little funny he said. I was telling him not to talk about his birthday party at school because some kids might get their feelings hurt if they weren't invited. (I had to pull the plug after 10 kids. The boy would invite the whole school if I'd let him.) I could tell he was confused about this, so I said, "Just think how you would feel if someone didn't invite you. Would that hurt your feelings a little bit?"

He said, "No.....I'd just say, 'okay' and keep playing." LOL! And he honestly would. The kid has more confidence than anyone I know. The good kind of confidence, and I ADORE him for it.


Natalie and Quin said...

You are not alone. I always think it is the 4th also. Probably because you told me that or something.

Deidra Smith said...

Happy Birthday Carter! I'm confused on his birthday for some reason too. I have the right date, but this month sneaks up on me. I always want it to be in April or May (I think 'cuz our other cousin is in May and then Kayson in June) Who can keep it all straight?!!!

Deanna said...

Oh, Elena! I can sympathize with you! I look at the calender on December 1st and say, "Crap! I have birthdays on the 3rd, 4th, and 13th!"

Such a cute kid...celebrate it every day. :)

Grammy said...

What IS it with his birthday? I always think it is the 3rd. I have to work it out backwards in my mind, that Kayson is on the 4th (day before mine), Kayson's cousin on the 3rd, and Carter on the 2nd. But it still seems like his should be the 3rd to me.

Our Family said...

Oh how to nice, to be able to forget your birthday!!! Tell him Happy Birthday from the Farnsworths!

Mama Williams said...

He is all BOY! The just roll with it...enjoy it amongst all the estrogen in your house. Ha! Happy Birthday Carter- when ever you choose to celebrate it!

Lee Ann said...

Love him! I know a couple of kids like him. Didn't get invited? ok :) I was really waiting for you to have his birthday all wrong! Is that mean of me? :)