Friday, July 31, 2009

This and That

This last week I was asked if I would share a bit about my blurb books with the ladies at my church. (We also learned how to take nice pictures, use photoshop and create beautiful scrap pages, and other fun ideas we shared with each other.) The first book I made, I was able to fit an entire year of 2006 in the 200 or so pages. Then along came 2007 & '08, and I became a blogging fool and I've had to print quarterly books. However, (and this is the point I'm trying to make), this poor year of 2009 might just fit in one or two books. I have been SUCH a slacker this year.

Life has been relatively quiet around here. No vacations or incredibly fun outings. No major mishaps from the children. Nothing particularly blog inspiring. Don't get me wrong, life is still chaotic as always. You know, the dog barking and peeing in places that make me want to strangle the life out him, kids crying, fighting, and laughing, dishes to the ceiling, laundry all over the floor, the doorbell ringing, and the phone ringing all at the same time, (and all when I've not showered in 2 days). You

We are healthy and happy and sad that summer is quickly coming to a close. (I noticed golden yellow wheat fields yesterday and was reminded that mother nature doesn't care if I want more summer or not.) This weekend we will go to my sister-in-law's baby shower and then I'll have something fun to post about. Until then, I hope you are all enjoying these last few weeks of summer!

And on a different note, does anyone know why blogger's search feature doesn't work anymore? It makes me crazy, I can't find things in blog!


CB said...

Well let me tell you. We had an amazing June, a pretty crappy July with a few highlights and I am looking forward to a month more of summer and maybe nothing to do at all and no drama!! Sometimes that is the best!!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Yep...rather unblogworthy here, too. I am kinda liking it :-)

I have a post request for you. Would you post pictures and more details about how your blurb books look???

Tamie said...

ah...summer is fleeting, is it not?
since we've had such cool weather this summer, there are a few colored leaves out there already---it is a little disconcerting for me actually.
we've had a blast this summer too, and i'm kind of sad to see it end on us....sometimes it is just easier to blog than other times....sigh.

Tonya said...

Ohh good. I thought I was doing something wrong and that was why it wasn't working. So if it isn't working for the blog queen too. I feel better.

I love your blurb books and you are my motivation. I can do it....well oh... wait could you just do it for me... Love ya