Monday, August 03, 2009

Day Trip to UT

My brother and sister in law came up from California for a visit last week. They are due to have a baby in October, so this provided the perfect opportunity for a baby shower. My mom, my sister, myself, and my two oldest girls loaded up on Saturday and made a quick day trip to Utah to join in the fun.

We met up with my cousin Larissa and my Aunt Gale and caught some lunch before the shower started. We had a few minutes to kill so we decided to to detour to the mall. Alyssa, Halle, and Madelynn were heaven in Claires. Mimi and Alyssa had fun trying on all the sunglasses. (Check out the store clerk telling me I wasn't allowed to take pictures. Too funny. Sorry lady, I got one.)

You don't think we got out of there empty handed do you? Each girl got a new pair of earrings; my they were proud of themselves. Then it was time to head off to the shower.

Nothing like tiny baby clothes and fuzzy blankies to get a mommy ready! (By the way, does someone just want to drop a new baby off on my doorstep? I promise to love it and raise it as my own.)

Quin worked hard all week getting this little rocking horse done in time to show it off at the shower. It is a replica of one my grandpa made for my dad when he was a year old. I am sure Quin's children will love it. (And I'm super jealous that I don't have my own. Even though my kids are well past that stage.)

This is my dad's little horse with Larissa's little girl Kalli on it. You'd think I'd have pictures of my own kids on this, but for the life of me, I can't find any. It is a treasure indeed, and all of us kids and our own children have loved to play on it. It's a sturdy little thing, with the original coat of paint still on it. After 50 + years! (Yah, we're pretty sure it's lead based, but so far none of us have died.) That's it....I'm putting my name on this. I get it when Mom & Dad die!! ;)

In the middle of the shower, the sprinklers mysteriously turned on and squirted everyone. Sure enough, Halle and Madelynn had gone over to the hose and were "investigating". You can always count on some excitement when you invite me and my brood.

My mom and her sister Gale. I think it's a nice picture of them both, but after they saw it, my mom said, "I look like a wet rat." And my Aunt Gale said, "I look like I'm 80 years old!" They are Texan and when they get together their accents come out full throttle. It is so funny to hear them talk. Their accents together with some of their sayings, we all love to tease them, but really we all get a kick out of hearing them.

The soon to be mommy with the grandmothers. My mom, Natalie, and Natalie's mom Sheri. (I apologize if I spelled that wrong.)

Thanks for inviting us! It was a really nice day and I can't wait for this little guy to meet the world!


Wendy said...

I want new earrings! :-) You guys always have fun, no matter what you're doing or where you're going.

Making memories -- that's what it's all about.

(you're supposed to sing that last part to the hokey-pokey tune...)


Gina said...

It's all about geography. I couldn't, say, pop over to UT for the day. I can, however, pop into Canada!

Mama Williams said...

What are you talking about? You just posted that you don't do anything fun! Liar! LOL!
And are YOU baby hungry or what? You don't need one more baby, pet or wild bird today to take care of do you? Ha! Elena you crack me up! Now come to Utah to play with me and Wendy.

CB said...

How fun that you could Pop on over to the baby shower in Utah! I bet it was fun to see so much family.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the little rocking horses. What a treasure!

Deidra Smith said...

Looks like the shower was nice and you guys had a good trip. Too bad I couldn't come with you:( And way to go Quin, the horse looks great!

Tonya said...

WOW does that horse bring back memories. I rode it...until I traded it in for a bigger one. It is so fun to see photos of everyone.

I wish I could of come. Callie can't see the earrings, then I know she will want some. Fun trip great photos!

Grandma B said...

Thanks for helping me keep up on what your mom, my friend, is doing. We never talk anymore!

The Wolfs said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun and wow that rocking horse is really impressive love it!