Sunday, July 12, 2009

What on earth have I been up too?

Wow, so many stories from the past couple of weeks. I am a firm believer in just blogging from where you're at, not playing catch-up by too much, or it becomes overwhelming. But there are a few things I must not leave out.

First up, I attended my 15 year high school reunion, the first reunion I've been to. Sadly it was a poor turn out. Very poor. As in 7 people came; 7 out of 230-something. Oh-well, it was fun to talk to those who came. But for some reason, I didn't get my camera out. No pictures from that event.

I did however get a picture of my house guest.

Good ol' Wish Trish, braved 11 states by herself, with her 3 little ones in tow. My house happened to be en route and I was privileged to let them borrow a bed. To my surprise, I even got to meet her hubby, Shane, who had joined them just a couple of days before. So absolutely fun for me to meet Trish (and family) in person! I just think the world of that lady and if you want to see some beautiful photos, hit up her blog and join her as she recounts tales of her travels. Bloggy friend #2 that I've met in person, now for all the rest of you! :)

Within the last 2 weeks, we've also celebrated the 4th of July, been to many a t-ball game, had cousins come and stay for a week (more on all this later), and even had a new cousin join the family. Adorable little Madalyn Jane, daughter of Kevin and Becky, made her big debut on the July 9th. We've only seen her for a few short minutes and just can't wait to get our hands on her again.

So this just scratches the surface of our "doings". More photos and stories to come. As you can see, we are filling our summer with as much fun as we possibly can. Hope you are doing the same.


Tonya said...

Love the pictures of the girls...

Sounds like you have had a great time with a great new friend and enjoying the summer

I really am thinking that maybe I will try to come up before school starts and maybe have a Callie, Tonya and Mimi road trip, but say anything to grandma. It is still a big maybe.

Callie would love all the cousins and I would love to see you all too.

Lula! said...

SIgh...15 years. Whatever, Elena. I'm older than you. I graduated 16 years ago.

And I didn't go to my 10th. Because seriously--it was the same drunks as in high school and I couldn't bear to see them acting stupid as adults.

But I will go to my 20th. Are you kidding? Half-balding men, paunchy stomachs, Botoxed foreheads? Yeah, I'm all over that.

I'm so mean.

p.s. Love the new cousin's name...Madalyn Jane. Precious!

Gina said...

I din't go to my 10 year either, ladies. High school was a chapter I would like to forget. High school itself- not my life during those years. I was a fish out of water in that posh Atlanta suburb. Hey, I know! I'll go with Lula!!!! It's all Atlanta-ish, right? It would undoubtedly be more fun!
Hey, I recently met 2 fellow bloggers, and just so you know, Elena and Lula are on the short list of people I want to meet.

The Shep's Herd said...

Wow 15 years. I'm on my way to my 25th. Your friend what a brave lady and looks like alot of fun too. Glad you had a great visit. Thanks for catching us up.

Trish said...

Oh, you are brave. I wouldn't hit my class reunion for anything. Nope. Although just a few people gave me grief for not going to our ten year, and I don't think they are having a 15 year next year, I can't imagine myself there. Ever.

It was such a joy meeting you!! You are just as super awesome in real life as you are on the blog! I hope my modest pictures don't dissappont after such nice words about them. Thank you. Because you know... I'm not a real photographer!

I'm with you. Blogging should not be a game of catch-up. Where's the fun in that?!

Unknown said...

Need more details...Did your bloggin' friend really drive all the way to visit? My blood wouldn't even do that! Maybe if I was as cool as you! You will have to fb the whole story cause I am dying to know all the details! (I need a soap or something in my life!)

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I went to both my 10th and my 20th. Both were fun. And I don't think I need to do it anymore. I keep up with those people on facebook. I don't need to see them in person again. For a $75 ticket at least.

Now...are we going to meet in Vegas??

Oh...and the new cousin? I have never seen anyone besides us spell Madalyn that cool!