Monday, July 27, 2009

T-ball Recap

"OH! Look at that!"

When a fire truck pulls into view,

and lets the water rip, playing ball is the LAST thing on a 5 year old's mind. (The fire truck came for a developmental workshop water party that was happening right by the field.)

Look at all their little faces pressed up against the fence. They couldn't concentrate on the game for anything.

During games, my girls loved to play in this big tree. They say it's the perfect climbing tree.

And right they are! They climbed all the way to the top. And I'm talking about all. the. way. Like, all they had to do was stick their arms and legs out and they would have looked like a Christmas star. I heard a woman say, "Oh my word, who's kid is at the top of that tree!?" (The woman happened to be Jarom's aunt, so I couldn't say, "Hmmm...never seen them before. I wonder who their mother is?!") I'm just glad they were able to climb back down so that I didn't have to go up! We might have had to call the fire department back over if that had happened.

Ahhh t-ball...I love it. (But I'm glad its over with this season.)


Deanna said...

I love that they all had their faces pressed up against the fence. LOL! Can't wait for Tanner to do T-Ball...he loves the plastic set ryan bought for him.

Jennie said...

I love T-ball too...I can't wait to get my kids involved. I also can't believe Carter is starting SCHOOL this year?!?

Tonya said...

Oh... what memories. I loved those t-ball days. I think they should of stopped the game and let the boys go join in on the water party and just have a bit of a delay game due to rain.

They do that in baseball all the time.

I love the tree shot.

Brenda said...

My son would have taken off to get a better look! We had a hard time getting him to concentrate without a huge fire truck:) Glad your girls could find things to keep them busy during the game. Trees are very temtping when you can still lift your own body weight:)

Brandon and Emily said...

That last picture of Carter is so cute! What a stud!

Miki said...

Oh man, climbing trees was the BEST when I was a kid....until I fell out of one....


Glad everyone had a good time.

Jennifer said...

fun, fun, fun and fun~