Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chip Repair

I grew up in a home with wood paneling on the walls. It never showed dirt, dings, hand prints, or anything really. (Wait a minute! Wood paneling has gone out of style why?) So the concept of "up-keep" on painted walls, is somewhat foreign to me.

I have lots of little dings where the paint is chipping off. We've already established how "un-projecty" I am, and the thought of fixing up all those holes in my wall was a little bit daunting to me.

Never fear, Larissa was here, and she helped me use a razor blade to carefully take a big chip off the wall so that I could have Sherwin Williams color match it for me. I've been busy spackling, texturing, and painting. (Which honestly hasn't been that hard now that I know how to do it, and have the supplies.) I've been turning things like this (See the white chipped paint?):

into this:
I've been feeling pretty good about myself and all my little "projects".

Little did I know, a sweet 5 year old was watching the use of the razor blade and scraper VERY carefully. Well, little did I know until this sight greeted me in my bathroom,
and my office, and my den, and my hallway.

For the love of Pete! Can a girl catch a break?? Guess I'll be patching more walls.


stevie kay said...

You miss wood panneling? Let's switch houses for a while so you can get your feel of it again :-)

Deidra Smith said...

I'm doing the same thing at my house only my kids tried to take the spackle off the wall while it was still wet. Kade and I find ourselves saying more and more "why can't I have anything nice with kids" :) Good Luck!

Jewelle said...

Yikes! Good thing you just learned how to fix that!

becky ward said...

sounds like you will be a pro soon! (; oh, kids! then you can come and give me pointers.

Tamie said...

she just wanted you to be able to use your new skills--more. :)

Lee Ann said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sorry I'm laughing soooo hard. I know I wouldn't be laughing it were me, but I am laughing!

At least you know how to fix it!

Deanna said...

I TOTALLY agree with STEVIE!!! {chuckle}

Any time you need to look at some paneling, feel free to come spend some time in our apartments!!!

Oh, that little Kate (I'm assuming it was Kate!)...that's something Tanner would do! Have fun spackling, texturing, and painting!

P.S. - the first wall looks great!

Allisyn said...

oh my gosh.. just doing what mommy is doing...:)

Trish said...

OH, NO! oh, no, no, no, no...

I'm sorry that I can't help from smiling at this.

I really ought to be a better friend.

I hope it was all the same color!!!

Tonya said...

Ohh... Watch out you are going get your own HGTV Show with you as the host.

Ohh.. But one day you are going to love that mark and look back at these pictures with tears in your eyes.

Too precious, but probably not too cute to you at the time it happened.

CB said...

Oh my goodness I know I shouldn't be laughing but aren't kids funny - they learn fast!!

Good thing you have become so handy and have all the supplies to fix the wall!!

This will be a story you tell around the Thanksgiving table when she's 25!!

Miki said...

I can't believe I came to check your blog today all by myself! Because I actually wanted to for once! Hooray. Maybe my bloggy dry spell truly is starting to lift.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Oh, no...don't you love helpers who make projects for you?? Painting is another thing that I am just not good at. I spill paint. Dribble it. Step in it and leave tracks everywhere. I do hire out for this. And after 2 years, our hall needs some help. The finger prints. The chips. Yuck.

LouandAngela said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHH. . . .how I can relate. EXCEPT, we just don't bother to fix the mess. At least not any more. Well, we tried the first few major dings, but Lou gave up and I haven't been willing to fix it myself.

Sorry the little stinker had so much fun with the razor blade! You gotta love 'em. Thank heavens they're so cute!