Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Name Game

I have to quickly write down what its like to play house with Kate. She is hilarious!

It always starts with the choosing of the play names, and she insists I go first.
If I choose a name she doesn't think is pretty she says, " lets choose your next name."
And if the name is still not to her liking (Giselle) she says, "Ummm...actually, I'll choose your name."
But if the name is ultra "pretty" (Nellie, Natalie, Melanie, Courtney, or Trish) she'll say, "Actually, that's my name. Let's choose yours now."
It's hysterical. (And her use of "actually" cracks me up. She says it ALL of the time.)

Just one of those fun little mom moments that I don't want to forget.

One more Kate funny:

The other day she said in the sweetest, most sincere little voice, "Oh Mom! Your tummy is getting so big." (I think she meant it as a compliment. LOL!) So I replied with a thank you. And then she said, "But....uh....why does is wiggle?" LOLLLL!!!!! Nothing like the honesty of a 3 year old.

She's been so infatuated and confused by the birth of our new little cousin Madalyn. She's still not quite convinced that Madalyn came out of Becky's tummy. And she's been very obsessed with the idea of having babies. Yesterday, she told my mom, "My mom's going to have a baby tomorrow." Oh dear....NOT what I need her announcing. I can only imagine the rumors that will fly when she tells her church class.

For the record...No, I am NOT Pregnant!


Jenn said...

I love blogging just because it gives me the excuse to write down all these cute stories. I always thought I would remember the ones about my older girls but by the time I got around to writing them down I either forgot them completely or couldn't remember it as cute as they said it. Yah blogging!

CB said...

It is great to record all those cute and funny moments - If only blogging had existed when my girls were little!

That is so funny about the names - super cute!

P.S. I saw in the church news yesterday that a Manwaring was put in the Stake Presidency in I.F. - related?

Deanna said...

What a doll! LOL!

Gina said...

My four year old will pop his thumb in his mouth, sidle up to me, slide his hand UP my shirt, and procede to knead my belly. If I swat him away he says, "But I like your hot fat."

The Manwaring Family said...

Too Funny! I love reading what funny things kids say!

Jennie said...

Kate is so cute...I miss playing with my "liitle" girl...she's quickly turning tweeny?!?

Deidra Smith said...

Lol! What a nut, how can you get upset when she has the cutest little face though and she says it all so innocently?

LouandAngela said...

HILARIOUS girl! Gehrig used to always say, "Actually". It was so cute. I love it when little people say big words.

Not sure I always love the tact that little children possess! :)Good thing you have a good attitude about it.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I have these nasty flabby upper arms...and the girls love them. It's like my arms are cats for them to pet. They are so strange. My girls. And my arms.

And I love the names that my girls like and don't like. It's funny. I got Madalyn a baby name book...they LOVE to look through it. I am thinking that Kate might just need one, too!

Tonya said...

LOL We love we love Kate.

It is so neat to read all these fun stories about her and get to know her even though we are far away.

I am glad you set the record straight. So if grandma calls...