Sunday, July 19, 2009

All Work and Some Play

While my cousin, Larissa and her girls were here, we did do a lot of work. But we also managed to squeeze in some play time. After all, kids can only keep their hands off drying walls and tables for so long.

We spent a day out at Grammy's and Grampy's and pulled the train out, first run of the season. It held up well to its cargo load.

We made a trip to the zoo and made our best attempts at impersonating the flamingos.

We spent an obscene amount of money at the local, dilapidated, amusement park.

A dizzying ride on the Octopus was loads of fun. Madelynn, Alyssa, and Halle

A spin in an airplane sounds like a good time.

Trying to get a picture of the fun Carter, I, and Aurianna had on the Ferris Wheel.

Hello 9 chins (and no children), let's try that again.

Hmmm...Where'd Carter go?

Oh good grief, I give up.

How about the view from above. Yikes, just looking at this picture makes my stomach do flip flops. I think I am slightly afraid of heights.

We waited and waited for a hot day to arrive, and when it was sort of warmish we headed to the splash park. Warmish or not, it was still a little too chilly and the kids didn't last long in the water. Alyssa, Brylee, Kate

And the whole week ended with the show of a life time, directed by our very own Alyssa. With all cousins performing, Halle on lights, and Carter beating the lid of the toy box with very precise rhythm.

Bravo! Bravo! Until next year...adieu.


Deanna said...

I'm rolling on the floor laughing...awesome pictures!!!

Every time we walk through Tautphus (we have some friends who used to think it was "top less" park) Tanner begs to go on the rides. We lie and tell him the rides aren't working. *tisk*tisk*

Maybe we'll have to make our way over there after all!

CB said...

Very fun - I totally love the train and that it belongs to Grandma and Grandpa - that rocks!

Lee Ann said...

That looks like so much fun! Way to go on posting the "9 chins" picture! :-) And that ferris wheel! Holy cow! That picture makes my stomach turn too....and the thing looks like it my crash to the ground at any minute! The train - and the closing show - it all looks like a great time with family!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I love all the crazy things we get to do in the summer. We just did Lagoon and dropped an enourmous amount of green there all in the name of fun. Oh well, it is about memories right?!!! I love the ferris wheel pictures - thanks for keeping it real!!!♥

Gina said...

That looks like a whole lot of fun. I remember doing stuff like that with my cousins.

The Manwaring Family said...

That train looks awesome! I want to take a ride. I'm impressed those rides are still working at Tautphus! :)

Nichole said...

great photogs! i have to do better at catching everyday FUNNESS

Jewelle said...

You are one busy lady! I was dying with laughter over your pictures! It is so what happens when I try to get a picture of my two girls with me. However, I always leave out my double chin pictures :D Do you have a stage in your house? I am GREEN with envy!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I LOVE rollercoasters. But I just CANNOT do the ferris wheel. I don't know what it is...but no thanks!

Tonya said...

How fun... I would sure love Callie to get know all her darling cousins. Looks like you had tons of fun and laughs. Bravo on the the show.

I loved the zoo there, it was great fun.

Brenda said...

Looks like you have been busy! I just caught up on 7 of your blog posts, that is how neglected my computer has been! Too bad about the class reunion, that is a terrible turnout! We were out of town! The table looks fabulous, and I feel your pain with the projects!!! I hate them, I would much rather watch TV or read a good book! Oh, and sorry about your walls, my son would totally do that:)

The Shep's Herd said...

Very fun, You have had a fun summer. You did great on all your projects. Come and show me how to do my table. I love all the old amusment rides. The octopus is my favorite! When I read your blog it always makes me smile. Your such a great mom.

Trish said...

That looks like so much fun! I love the shot from the Ferris wheel! (I have to capitalize Ferris because that big, fun wheel was invented by a member of my Grandma's family: The Ferris'.)

Camille said...

I have seen those blue barrels in a yard very close to my house! Is that where grammy and grampy live?

Camille said...

I have seen those blue barrels in a yard very close to my house! Is that where grammy and grampy live?