Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Golden Tooth

Just a quick note today about Kate.

Yesterday I took her to the dentist to get some cavities filled. I honestly didn't realize one of the cavities was as bad as it was; I'd been paying more attention to a smaller one on the bottom teeth. So because the cavity was so deep, she ended up getting a baby root canal and cap on the tooth. She was ultra brave and had no idea shots had been involved whatsoever. I told her that she was getting a "robot tooth" and she said, "Yes! I ALWAYS wanted a 'golden' tooth!" LOL!! I'm so glad I could make her dream come true. I'm also so glad that there are enough bad moms out there (right along side myself), that 'golden teeth' are a fad these days.


Lee Ann said...

:( Sounds like she was a trooper! Why can't dentists do that good of a job with adults?

Deanna said...

Oh, no! We just got back from the densit...taylor had zero cavities, and tanner had four, possibly five. We are getting them filled in two weeks. *sigh*

Elena said...

And it really is just a silver cap on the tooth, but I love how she calls it her "golden tooth". Funny girl.

CB said...

Oh man she was brave! My knees would be shaking if I thought I had to get a root canal.

And the Gold Tooth - Ha! Love it!