Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Can She Possibly Be 10?!

My babies just keep growing and growing. Halle hit the double digits yesterday. It is crazy to me that she can really be 10. She was 6 months old, 6 MONTHS!, when we bought our first house in Nampa. That seems like such a short time ago and here it is 10 years later already!
Halle has partied all weekend long. It started with a sleepover with cousin Liberty on Friday night.

Liberty gave Halle a scrapbook for her birthday so we had to have a quick photo shoot and print of some pictures to create the first page.

Oh they were silly.

But nothing says "I'm Halle" better than a few silly and fun poses. This girl is ALL about fun.

The next day she had a party with some friends. She wanted a "rock star" themed party, so I attempted to make little microphone cakes. (They were so much cuter in my head.)

But Halle seemed pleased with them, so that is all that mattered.

The "rockers" ready to PARTY!

We borrowed a karaoke machine from a neighbor and the girls rocked out to Hannah Montana and Disney remix songs. They had a riot running the lights, being back stage dancers, audience members, and of course performers. So funny to see each of their personalities come out on "stage".

Halle and all her little guests. You really should click on this collage and make it come up large size. Halle is just such a photogenic little thing (as are all her beautiful friends); I just can't get over how pretty she is.

Halle is CONSTANTLY running the battery down on my camera by making videos. So we decided to give her her very own video camera for her birthday present. I have never heard of a "Flip" before, but the minute she saw it she said, "I got a FLIP!!!" She knew exactly what it was. We've been filming away ever since. She's currently working (with her dad) on a darling little video which I will share as soon as it's done.

I hope this little girl's every wish comes true!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Halle!! I love you Baby.


The Manwaring Family said...

Happy Birthday Halle!!! 10 already?! Such a cutie! I think the microphones turned out great. You are such a fun mom!

Deidra Smith said...

Happy Birthday Halle! I also think the cakes turned out great, what a fun party idea. And I can't wait to see her video!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday, Halle!! I remember when she was a brand new baby, too! We were so excited to have another baby to babysit. :)

becky ward said...

the microphone cupcakes were GENIUS! nice touch elena. and halle is so beautiful in every one of those pictures. i can't believe she is 10 either. and i can't wait to see this video she is producing with her dad. AWESOME! (i've never heard of a flip either).

Lee Ann said...

So cute, beautiful and fun! Looks like a great time - and I love your cupcakes!

Sherrie said...

She is beautiful, and I think those "microphones" are spot on!

Brandon and Emily said...

Happy Birthday to the beautiful Halle! The party looked like it was a blast! Good work Elena.

Trish said...

So sweet! What a great girl! Mayzie will be 10 in two weeks. I can't believe it!