Monday, November 29, 2010

BYU Fans on ESPN

Okay, it apparently it wasn't ESPN, it was The Mountain station, see how much I know. LOL! I meant to post this last week when talking about BYU football was a happy thing. (FYI, they lost to their rival, University of Utah this weekend by one tiny point. It was a heart breaker.) Our neighbor had a couple of extra tickets to the game last weekend and offered them to Jarom. (Third row, end zone seats. Who'd say no to that?!) So Jarom hopped right on that train and called our brother in law, Brandon (who has been so kind as to offer Jarom a couple of tickets this season as well) and they all headed to LaVell Edwards Stadium to watch their beloved BYU.

The kids and I joined Justin and Amber in Blackfoot to watch the game and HOPED we'd get a glimpse of the guys on tv. With such good seats, we were bound to at some point.
Sure enough, near the end of the game (which BYU won!) a big ol' close up! Jarom is in the white BYU sweatshirt and Brandon is the right in the black and white stocking cap.

The kids were so excited to see Jarom and Brandon on t.v. It was hilarious to see them all cheering right along with them. What a fun day for everyone!


Our Family said...

That's classic!! I love it!

Sherrie said...

I way prefer moments of fame to the real thing. How fun for your kids!

Emily said...

That was pretty awesome. Thanks for the tix Jarom.